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Got HVAC Zones? You Might Need a Bypass Damper – or Not

Bypass Air Damper

Here in Atlanta, zoned HVAC systems are a godsend during the summer. If your home has two or more stories but just one air conditioner connected to one downstairs thermostat, your upper floors can get much hotter than your first…

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Has Your House Got Dirty Sock Syndrome? Here’s How to Fix It.

Dirty Sock Syndrome

Ew. Your house stinks. It’s not the garbage. You took it out last night. It’s not your kid’s sweaty laundry. You just washed everything, folded it, and put it away. But it sure does smell like sweaty underwear. No, scratch…

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The Big Air Conditioner Malfunction Just Waiting to Happen

Dirty air filter and clean air filter

Did you know there’s a major problem lurking within the innards of your HVAC system? There is. It’s big, flat, and dirty. And the dirtier it gets, the greater your risk of equipment failure. Everybody’s got this problem, and some…

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Why Whole House Fans Do More Harm Than Good

Whole House Fan

In theory, whole house fans make a lot of sense. When the conditions are right, cooling your home with a whole house fan consumes less energy than most air conditioning systems. It’s efficient and effective. Your house probably came with…

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This Is Why Your Outdoor AC Unit Stopped Working

Outdoor AC Unit

You set the thermostat to 75 degrees, but the display says it’s 77 inside. You stand under the supply vents to see if you feel any air. Nada. What’s going on? To investigate further, you step outside to see whether…

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Why the Whole Home Approach Keeps You So Comfortable

Whole Home Approach to HVAC

Around here, we’re totally committed to the whole home approach to comfort. We know it works because we’ve seen it work. Again and again. In home after home around Atlanta. Every. Single. Day. But what is the whole home approach…

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Does Your HVAC System Need a New Line Set?

AC Refrigerant and New Line Set

Imagine you just bought a new electric range for your kitchen. Your last range was also electric, and it was the same size as this one. You don’t need to renovate your kitchen or run new cables for this one…

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For AC Installations, Insist on a Triple Evacuation

Refrigerant Line Set

Elbow grease works, doesn’t it? Whether you’re washing a dinner plate, sponging down your car, or scrubbing a toilet, extra effort results in a better cleaning. The same goes for air conditioner line sets, the tubing through which refrigerant circulates….

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How to Achieve 4% Duct Leakage or Less

No Duct Leakage Here

In homes with central air conditioning and heating, leaky ductwork can lead to serious energy loss. According to the EPA, the typical home with a forced air HVAC system loses between 20 and 30 percent of its conditioned air due…

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The Best Way to Avoid Expensive Air Conditioner Repairs

Man Performing Air Conditioner Repairs

Nobody likes when their air conditioner breaks down. Besides not being able to cool your home – and that’s bad enough on its own – a broken AC often means an expensive repair is in your future. It’s a drag….

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