HVAC systems in Atlanta, GA
April 6

Not All Variable Speed HVAC Systems Are Created Equal

Around here, it’s no secret that we love variable speed ACs and furnaces. We extol them daily when customers ask about their best options for… View Article Read More

Indoor Air Quality in Atlanta, GA
April 6

5 Indoor Air Quality Tips for Pet Owners

If you have pets, you have indoor air quality concerns that non-pet owners don’t have. Aside from pet dander that can aggravate allergies, you’ve got… View Article Read More

Heat pump in Atlanta, GA
April 6

Did Your Heat Pump Struggle This Winter?

Here in Atlanta, our winters are relatively short and mild compared to other parts of the country. By late March, we’re often experiencing full-blown springtime… View Article Read More

Attic hatch in Atlanta, GA
April 6

Is Your Attic Hatch Costing You Money?

Did you know there’s a big hole in your ceiling? Well, there probably is. It’s the hole where you enter and exit your attic. You… View Article Read More

Furnace in Atlanta, GA
April 6

Why Does My Furnace Fan Keep Running?

So you know your heating system has satisfied your thermostat setting, but the furnace blower won’t turn off. Now you’re wondering, “Why does my furnace… View Article Read More

April 6

Why is My Furnace Making Noises?

Furnaces occasionally make weird sounds. From high-pitched whines to annoying thumps, furnaces are capable of producing all sorts of worrisome noises. Some of these sounds… View Article Read More

HVAC tips in Atlanta, GA
November 8

You’ve Heard of Manual J, But What About Manuals D, S, and T?

Proper HVAC design requires attention to detail. Everything from the sizes of outdoor and indoor units to the amount of bends in your ductwork has… View Article Read More

Dehumidifier in Atlanta, GA
October 12

Why Your Encapsulated Crawlspace Needs a Dehumidifier

Here in Georgia, spring feels a lot like summer for anybody who moves here from a more northerly latitude. Daytime highs highs can creep into… View Article Read More

Load Calculations in Atlanta, GA
October 12

What Got Overlooked on Your Load Calculation?

This article is Part 4 of our series on Manual J load calculations for new HVAC installations. When you opt for a load calculation before… View Article Read More

Cleaning AC in Atlanta, GA
October 12

The Right Way to Clean an Air Conditioner’s Outdoor Coil

Most people are familiar with their air conditioner’s outdoor coil because it’s a component they can see. While the indoor coil often resides within the… View Article Read More