Be sure every buyer loves the HVAC system in their new home.

    Our HVAC builder consulting service helps you lower overhead, reduce warranty calls, and provide buyers with a right-sized HVAC system that keeps them comfortable for years and years.

    HVAC Consulting for Builders

    You know how risky it is to let a subcontractor make “educated” guesses about HVAC size. Avoid those hassles by installing the right AC and heating system the first time.

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    Benefits of HVAC consulting for architects and builders

    There’s simply no substitute for doing HVAC right. Our HVAC consulting helps builders and architects:
    • Deliver properly sized and designed HVAC systems that keep buyers comfortable while minimizing utility bills
    • Lower equipment purchasing costs (most subcontractors oversize, and larger HVAC systems are more expensive)
    • Reduce warranty calls due to HVAC problems
    • Minimize or eliminate HVAC-related repair and adjustment costs
    Since most builders rely on subcontractor guesswork about HVAC, additional benefits to you include:
    • The opportunity to educate buyers about your unique (and better) approach to HVAC
    • Standing out as a builder who goes the extra mile to maximize comfort in your homes
    • Underscoring your existing commitment to green building — right-sized HVAC systems are far more efficient than oversized units.
    • Peace of mind that you’re not gambling with buyers’ comfort when a subcontractor recommends a system based on gut feel or old-school rules of thumb

    What happens during HVAC builder consulting?

    At PV Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we consult with builders locally and across the United States. Our remote HVAC consulting service for builders makes it as easy as possible to ensure buyers get the right heating and air conditioning system for their homes.

    Here’s how it works:
    1. Send us the building plans for the home. We’ll book a kick-off meeting to discuss goals and introduce the team.
    2. Our team analyzes the plans and requests additional information as needed.
    3. We perform a Manual J load calculation, as well as Manuals D (ductwork), S (equipment selection), and T (grilles, diffusers, and registers).
    4. Our team applies extensive installation expertise; at PV Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we don’t just plug numbers into a software program and call it a day — we draw on decades of real-world experience installing HVAC systems. In other words, we can anticipate challenges that numbers alone can’t tell us. This experience allows us to compensate and make adjustments to calculations when necessary.
    5. After determining the heating and cooling load for the home, we send you specific recommendations about system HVAC system size and design
    6. Your buyer enjoys a right-sized HVAC system that keeps them comfortable and operates efficiently

    How does HVAC consulting save money for builders?

    There are two primary ways:
    1. Lowering the costs of HVAC equipment
    2. Reducing or eliminating warranty claims and/or callbacks related to HVAC performance

    The fact is most subcontractors determine HVAC size and design the old-fashioned way. They note the home’s square footage and make a recommendation. Motivated by a fear of installing a system that’s too small, these recommendations often overcompensate and result in a system that’s too large for the home.

    But oversized systems cost more upfront. And while they don’t have the same problems as an undersized system, they underperform in their way: hot spots and cold spots in winter and poor humidity control in summer due to short cycling are classic problems with oversized HVAC systems.

    How does HVAC consulting save money for builders?

    The only solution is to perform a Manual J load calculation and use the results to determine what size system the home needs. Unfortunately, most HVAC outfits aren’t equipped to do that. They lack the training, expertise, and tools.

    As a result, the excess expense of an oversized system, not to mention the problems it causes, eats into your profit margin. By consulting with us on HVAC, you can stop overpaying for equipment and avoid saddling buyers with long-term HVAC issues.

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    Why choose PV Heating, Cooling & Plumbing to consult on HVAC for your homes?

    We don’t just live and breathe HVAC design. We’re installers, too. Boots-in-the-attic and all.

    Designing and installing HVAC systems the right way is our founding mantra. We’re one of just a few companies in the US that consults on HVAC for new builds. But even among those companies, we’re pretty unique.

    All HVAC consultants perform load calculations, but not all of them also install the systems they consult on or design. We do both.

    As experienced HVAC installers, we offer a level of foresight and expertise that’s hard to come by. It’s one thing to receive a home’s building plans and enter the numbers into a Manual J software application. It’s quite another thing to see a building plan, notice something unusual that could throw off the numbers, and make an adjustment that accounts for that issue.

    Since we install systems, we know these real-world problems when we see them. As a result, we can modify our approach (and our calculations) to ensure these “gotcha” scenarios don’t compromise the accuracy of your load calculation.

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