Water heaters don’t break down very often, but it sure is a pain when they do! If you’re having water heater problems, PV can help.

    Our team will analyze your water heater, identify the issue, and apply the best possible fix.

    Water Heater Repair in Atlanta

    Here’s when you might need a water heater repair service

    When your water heater is misbehaving, several different issues could be the culprit.

    You could need water heater repair any time you’re experiencing:
    • Too little hot water or no hot water at all
    • Long periods while the tank reheats
    • Water that’s too hot
    • Low water pressure from your hot water taps
    • Smelly or dirty water
    • Noise coming from the water heater
    • Leaks from the tank or surrounding components

    So, when you’re having problems with your hot water, what exactly is the problem? What’s usually busted and in need of repair?

    In Atlanta area homes, we typically deal with the following:
    • Failed thermocouple: This component keeps the pilot light in your conventional water heater lit. When it fails, the water heater won’t heat your water.
    • Leaky pipe fittings: When you leak from pipes connected to the tank, the problem can often be repaired.
    • Bad heating elements: If you have an electric water heater, the heating element can eventually fail. It usually just needs to be replaced.
    • Rusty burners: On older water heaters, the burners can rust out. Replacing the old burners with new ones is the usual fix.

    Gas? Electric? Our team provides every type of water heater repair.

    Whether you have natural gas or electric water heater, our team knows how to inspect the unit, find the problem, and advise you about the most sensible fix.

    We service all water heater makes and models, including Rheem, A.O. Smith, Rinnai, Whirlpool, General Electric, and others.

    Since conventional water heaters (aka tank water heaters) are so common, we stock all frequently replaced OEM parts in our inventory. That way, we’re as prepared as possible when we show up to repair your water heater.

    How old is your water heater?

    Most conventional water heaters last 10 to 15 years, and many last even longer. If you’ve had yours for 15 years or more and it’s got serious problems, you may have a decision to make.

    Any time there’s a way to reliably repair your water heater and avoid the cost of replacement, we will always provide that option.

    And when it looks like replacing your water heater is the more cost-effective choice, we’ll explain why. We’ll also present you with every conceivable option – including repair! – so you can make the best decision for your needs and household budget.

    How old is your water heater?

    Why choose PV for water heater repair?

    We’re HVAC experts, and that counts for a lot. Servicing water heaters requires significant mechanical systems expertise, which is something our experienced team has in abundance.

    Plumbing companies are great at fixing leaks and removing clogs. But when it comes to gas pressure settings, electrical adjustments, or combustion safety – all of which are critical for servicing water heaters – they’re rarely the best choice.

    At PV, our highly trained technicians know water heaters inside and out. We’ve also got the mechanical knowledge to troubleshoot problems and apply the right fix – safely.

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