We mini-split owners are truly “in the know.” Unlike most folks, we know how great it is to have an efficient, quiet AC and heating system without any ducts to worry about. Still, there may come a time when you need mini-split repair in Atlanta. If you do, you can count on PV Heating, Cooling & Plumbing!

    Mini-Split Repair in Atlanta

    While mini-splits are incredible systems, none of their advantages make them invincible. Occasionally, they don’t work right.

    Our team knows how to diagnose your Atlanta mini-split service issue, apply the best fix, and keep the system cooling (or heating, if it’s winter) for the long haul. In our years of experience, we’ve seen it all! Chances are, the issue your mini-split is having is one we’ve fixed countless times before.

    Signs when you might need ductless mini-split repair

    Mini-split systems may need maintenance just like ducted split HVAC systems. In some cases, that can mean having to call for mini-split repair in Atlanta. Rest easy knowing that our team at PV Heating, Cooling & Plumbing has the experience and expertise needed to service all makes and models of mini-split systems!

    When they don’t heat or cool properly, the problem is usually one of the following:
    • Refrigerant leaks: When the system has a refrigerant leak, it struggles to heat or cool your space. Before long, the coil may even freeze up.
    • Dirty components: A dusty, dirty coil or blower can cause mini-split problems. When gunk accumulates on these components, it can inhibit heat transfer and prevent the unit from heating or cooling.
    • Dirty filters: When you don’t clean your air filter, the lack of airflow can stop the system from heating or cooling properly.
    • Bad control board: Mini splits will have two or three outside control boards and one on the indoor unit. Occasionally, these fail and need to be replaced.
    • Poor installation quality: When a mini-split system isn’t installed properly, it can fail to heat or cool your space. This is a common problem around Atlanta as very few HVAC companies have much experience with mini splits.
    So, what do we look for when you call about a mini-split that isn’t working properly? Our technicians apply their many years of experience and advanced diagnostic procedures to properly isolate the source of the issue. We then communicate our findings to you, and give you a fair quote to solve the problem. You can trust our mini-split service experts to get the job done right every time!

    Here’s a list of steps our technicians follow during mini-split service:
    • Cleanliness inspection: We look at the air filter, coils, and blower. When these components aren’t clean, the system may not heat or cool. You may also experience airflow issues.
    • Check for leaks: We look for refrigerant leaks via visual inspection or, if necessary, with an electronic leak detector.
    • Drain line flushing: A clogged drain line can inhibit mini-split performance. When necessary, we clear the line so that water can flow.
    • Electrical analysis: We check all wiring and contacts for problems. This inspection will also reveal a bad control board if that’s the problem.
    • Installation analysis: Sometimes, a poor installation is a problem. We check that whoever installed your mini-split did so to our rigorous specifications. If they didn’t – and some adjustments would help – we can make them for you.

    Troubleshooting Your Mini-Split

    Signs it might be time for ductless mini-split service
    1. The system doesn’t blow cool air (in summer) or warm air (in winter)
    2. You can see ice on the coil
    3. You can’t get the system to turn on at all
    4. You hear strange sounds coming from the indoor or outdoor unit
    5. The mini-split has never performed to your expectations

    Mini-Split Maintenance in Atlanta

    If you’re experiencing any of these issues, our team can help. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and get your mini split in good working order!

    Benefits of Timely Mini-Split Service

    As an Atlanta homeowner, you understand how important it is to have functional heating and cooling. The summers bring sweltering heat and high humidity, and winters are no joke either! While mini-split systems afford incredible efficiency and comfort, they still need upkeep just like any complex machine.

    If you’re experiencing an issue with your mini-split system such as no hot or cold air, or you aren’t getting any air flow from the indoor unit, give us a call! Our technicians will quickly diagnose and resolve the issue.

    Even if nothing seems to be wrong with your mini-split, it always pays to schedule annual mini-split maintenance. This gives our technicians a chance to perform preventative cleaning, inspecting, and testing procedures to ensure everything is working as it should. This professional tune-up allows us to catch problems early and make sure your mini-split is ready for the long season ahead.

    Mini-Split Systems vs Central Air Conditioning (AC) Units

    Mini-Split Advantages

    • Enhanced temperature control in individual zones
    • Higher efficiency with reduced energy loss
    • Up to 4 times more efficient in heating than a furnace or baseboard heater
    • Ability to dehumidify without cooling
    • Provides cleaner indoor air

    Central Air Conditioner Advantages

    • Lower initial cost
    • Requires less electrical work
    • Less obtrusive aesthetic

    Why Choose Us for Atlanta Mini-split Repair and Maintenance?

    When it comes to mini-split installation and maintenance, not many Atlanta HVAC companies have much expertise. At PV Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we’ve got lots.

    We’re an official Carrier Ductless contractor. Our team knows all the ins and outs of these unique and increasingly popular HVAC systems.

    Any time you call us to service your mini-split AC or heat pump, you’re getting a team that knows these systems inside and out. We can service any wall, ceiling, or floor model as well as ducted mini-split systems!

    Most importantly, we stake our reputation on honesty, sincerity, well-informed guidance, and unparalleled workmanship.

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