Home PerformanceWe’re an HVAC company that takes a home performance approach to comfort.

    Our professional team knows that problems with indoor comfort aren’t always HVAC problems. There’s a good chance the problem has to do with your home itself.

    Using our time-tested whole-home approach to comfort, we can analyze your home to identify the best opportunities to improve comfort and efficiency.

    Whole Home Energy Audit

    Air Sealing

    • Air Sealing
      Reduce air infiltration to save energy and improve comfort

    • Insulation Services
      Beef up your home’s thermal barrier for better comfort and energy savings



    • Crawlspace Encapsulation
      Improve air quality and energy efficiency with a dry, clean crawlspace that’s sealed up tight.

    Water Heaters

    Water Purification

    Energy Efficiency Consulting



    • Ductwork Services
      Properly sized, installed, and sealed ductwork is essential for high-performing HVAC.

    Total home performance services for your Atlanta home

    How do we make your home as comfortable and efficient as possible? By taking the following steps:
    • Performing an energy audit to identify your biggest areas of energy loss and prioritize changes that mitigate them
    • Ventilation and indoor air quality improvements that ensure you’re always breathing fresh air indoors
    • Air sealing and insulation services to reduce air leakage and improve your home’s thermal performance
    • Consulting and design for new builds, retrofits, or renovations; take the opportunity to make your home as energy efficient and comfortable as possible!
    And the benefits? They come in all of the following forms:
    • More even, consistent temperatures among different rooms in your home
    • A cooler, drier home in summer
    • A warmer, less dry home in winter
    • No more drafts around windows, doors, and other areas
    • Better indoor air quality via consistent ventilation
    • Lower utility bills all year round
    • Better HVAC performance and longer lifespan for HVAC equipment
    • Reduction of your home’s carbon footprint

    Our whole home approach is the foundation for solid home performance

    Here’s how it works:
    1. We perform energy performance tests, like a blower door test and thermal analysis, to identify your biggest areas of air infiltration and heat loss or gain.
    2. Additional exercises, such as a building airflow standard test, combustion safety test, and flow-hood test for airflow measurement, show us how potential HVAC improvements might improve comfort.
    3. Our team compiles all the data and presents you with a report that prioritizes your biggest opportunities for improvement.
    4. You decide what steps to take to improve home performance.
    5. Our experts visit your home to apply all of the changes that you’ve approved from your report.

    How is home performance related to HVAC?

    Your HVAC system can’t perform adequately when your home has lots of air leaks and your insulation is damaged or missing.

    That’s why we work hard to determine the real source of your indoor comfort problem. Often, you can feel a lot more comfortable after home performance improvements — even if we don’t do anything to your heating and air conditioning system!

    Since there aren’t as many escape points as possible for conditioned air (we’ve sealed them off), more of it stays in your home.


    And since it’s harder for heat to penetrate your home (we’ve beefed up your insulation), you’re more comfortable in summer and winter.

    Did we mention these home performance “extras?”

    The way we see it, if something improves comfort in your home and/or reduces your energy consumption, it’s a home performance improvement.

    To that end, our team also provides:
    • Water heater installation services: Get a professional installation for a new, ultra-efficient water heater! As an HVAC company, we’re better prepared than plumbers for setting gas pressures and ensuring combustion safety.
    • Water purification system installation: Why not drink cleaner water? Our team can help you select the right water purification system for your home. We’ll install it, too.
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