Get the right air conditioner for your home, backed by a Grade A+ installation and a 10-year labor warranty.

    Air Conditioner Installation

    At PV Heating & Air, we work hard to determine the air conditioner size and type for you. After our experienced technicians install your new system, we perform a rigorous quality control audit. It’s how we ensure every AC installation meets the highest possible standard.

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    When is it time for an AC replacement?

    Sometimes, it’s time for a new air conditioner. If your old AC breaks down and you’re facing high repair costs, it’s almost definitely time to replace it.

    But there are other situations when you should consider replacing your AC:
    • The AC is more than 12 years old: This is the point when warranties have expired, and aging components start wearing out.
    • You want a more efficient system: newer systems consume much less energy than old ones. A new system will almost always have a higher SEER (indicative of higher efficiency) than your old one.
    • The AC uses R-22 refrigerant: This obsolete product is no longer produced in the US or imported here. If your system was installed before 2010, it might use R-22 freon. In the event of a refrigerant leak, system replacement is usually the most feasible option.
    • You’re always uncomfortable: This usually means your air conditioner is the wrong size for your home. It’s a common problem, but our team goes out of our way to make sure your next system is the right size.
    To make sure you get the right air conditioner, our team performs serious pre-installation legwork. Otherwise, you might end up with a system that makes you uncomfortable!

    Here’s what we do to maximize your investment in new HVAC equipment:
    • Manual J load calculation that ensures proper air conditioner sizing, no matter how many systems or zones your home requires
    • Ductwork inspection to test airflow, evaluate the quality of duct infrastructure, and identify any opportunities to improve air conditioning system performance
    • Critical improvements like sealing ducts and plenum boxes with mastic, installing safety switches, installing a new disconnect box, and upgrading your thermostat
    • Choices of two-stage and variable speed AC systems that operate more efficiently than standard, single-stage units.

    You can trust PV Heating & Air for your air conditioner replacement. Here’s why we’re different.

    Four words: Manual J Load Calculation

    Ok, so that’s three words and a letter. What matters is that we perform a load calculation every time we replace an air conditioner.

    A Manual J load calculation is a series of calculations that capable, trustworthy HVAC contractors should perform before recommending a new system.

    It’s how we ensure an AC is a right size for your home! Failure to perform a load calculation can result in an oversized air conditioner that struggles to keep you comfortable.

    Four words: Manual J Load Calculation

    An AC that’s too big will run more frequently than a properly sized unit, resulting in higher costs and faster wear and tear. It also won’t run long enough to keep humidity levels under control during the summer months.

    That’s why our team always performs a load calculation before installing a new air conditioner. We want you to feel comfortable and get an AC that lasts!

    Here’s what to expect when we perform your air conditioner installation
    1. Lots of questions about comfort: We ask about hot spots and cold spots in your home, humidity control, and temperature variation among rooms
    2. The Manual J load calculation: We always perform one to ensure we install an air conditioner that’s the right size for your home
    3. A variety of options for different air conditioners: You can choose from standard air conditioners, two-speed, and variable-speed systems. Two-speed and variable-speed systems offer better efficiency and humidity control than standard systems.
    4. Experienced installation team: This isn’t our first rodeo. Our technicians have installed air conditioners before. They also work for our company and complete 125 hours of training each year.
    5. Quality control audit: A manager visits your home after the installation (and after you’ve used the AC for a few days) to ensure it was installed properly and that it’s keeping you comfortable.
    6. 10-year labor warranty: When you enroll in a service agreement following the installation, we warranty our work for an entire decade. That’s in addition to the manufacturer’s 10-year warranty on the equipment.
    Get these options for any AC install
    • Standard, single-stage AC: Typically, lower SEER (lower efficiency rating), these air conditioners always run at a high speed and turn off completely when they satisfy your thermostat setting.
    • Two-stage AC: These mid to high-SEER units operate at a low speed most of the time, which improves humidity control. They only run at a high speed on the hottest days.
    • Variable speed AC: Most of these ACs are high-SEER models. They ramp up and down to match your cooling needs at any given moment. They offer the best efficiency and humidity control.

    Why hire PV Heating & Air to replace your air conditioner?

    Our goal is to ensure you get the best AC for you and your family. Your HVAC equipment should be the right size and type for your home. To ensure your AC lasts for many years, you also deserve the highest quality installation.

    Here are a few other reasons to choose PV Heating & Air for your Atlanta-area AC installation:
    1. We always perform a load calculation to ensure your system is the right size.
    2. We’re a licensed, insured HVAC company that sends only experienced technicians to your home.
    3. Our technicians are employed by us and complete 125 hours of training each year. We do not use subcontractors for any installations or service calls.
    4. A manager performs a quality control audit after every air conditioner installation.
    5. We offer a 10-year labor warranty on your new system when we can actively assist in maintaining it through a service agreement.
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