You’ll feel like you’re getting the best because you are getting the best. At PV Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we provide a Grade A+ furnace replacement backed by a 10-year labor warranty.

    When you hire us to install your new furnace, we work hard to ensure your furnace is the right size and type for your home.

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    After our experienced technicians install your furnace, we always conduct a rigorous quality control audit to ensure long-term performance.

    When is it time for a forced air furnace replacement?

    If your old furnace quits and requires costly repairs, it’s almost definitely time to replace it. But what are some other scenarios where you should consider replacing your furnace?

    Here are a few:
    • The furnace is more than 12 years old: All warranties have likely expired, and system components are nearing the end of their life
    • You want a more efficient furnace: New, high-efficiency furnaces cost less to run. You can also choose a furnace with two stages of heat or a modulating gas valve to reduce operating costs.
    • You’re already replacing your air conditioner: If the furnace is the same age as your air conditioner, it’s probably more cost-effective to replace it at the same time as your AC.
    • You’re always uncomfortable: Your furnace might have been the wrong size for your home all along. Oversized furnaces are expensive to run, fail sooner, and rarely provide even temperatures throughout your home.
    To ensure you get the right size and type of furnace, we follow a rigorous pre-installation process.

    Here’s how we help maximize your investment in a new furnace:
    • Manual J load calculation for proper HVAC sizing. This exercise helps us determine the proper number of BTUs for your new furnace.
    • Ductwork analysis to assess airflow across your home, static pressure, and overall ductwork performance
    • Additional calculations, such as Manuals D, S, and T help us recommend the right furnace and determine whether ductwork modifications are required to accommodate your selection
    • Combustion analysis to ensure the furnace vents properly and isn’t at risk for sending carbon monoxide (CO) into your living space
    • Options for two-stage and modulating furnaces that provide more efficient operation compared to single-stage units.

    Lots of companies can perform a furnace replacement. Why hire PV Heating, Cooling & Plumbing?

    Because we work our tails off to get you a furnace that’s the right size and type. Then we install it to the most rigorous possible standard and stand behind our work throughout your 10-year labor warranty.

    That’s a big deal. Most HVAC contractors don’t do that stuff.

    One of the biggest differences between us and other companies is that we perform a Manual J load calculation. This exercise is a series of calculations that tells us the proper furnace size for your home.

    Lots of companies can perform a furnace replacement. Why hires PV Heating, Cooling & Plumbing?

    Another big difference is our rigorous combustion analysis. We always check to make sure your furnace vents properly and isn’t releasing carbon monoxide into your home.

    That way, you end up with a furnace that keeps you comfortable, operates at peak efficiency, vents properly (and safely), and provides optimal performance throughout its life.

    7 signs it might be time to replace your furnace
    1. Your furnace keeps breaking down and repair costs keep adding up.
    2. Your furnace is between 12 and 15 years old and you’re concerned about reliability.
    3. You have a cracked heat exchanger, and your warranty has expired.
    4. You’re considering sealing your attic or crawlspace, but currently, you have a standard furnace that needs combustion air.
    5. You already need to replace your air conditioner and your furnace is the same age.
    6. You’re ready for a more efficient furnace.
    7. Your old furnace never kept you comfortable in the first place, probably due to poor installation or improper sizing.

    Options for your furnace install

    At PV Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we give you choices. One is the choice between different furnace efficiencies:
    • Standard efficiency or 80% AFUE: These work well in vented attics or crawlspaces and may cost less to operate than the furnace you’re replacing. An 80% furnace uses atmospheric combustion and is probably similar to the type of furnace you’re replacing.
    • High efficiency or 90%+ AFUE: This type of furnace uses closed combustion and is a good choice for tight, sealed environments or for when you want the lowest operating costs.
    Another choice is the furnace type. There are three main categories:
    • Single stage: This is a standard furnace that turns on when you need heat and turns off when it satisfies your thermostat setting. It always runs at full capacity when it’s on.
    • Two stages: These furnaces have “high” and “low” settings. They run at the low stage most of the time, providing even and consistent heat. They only use the higher stage when it’s very cold or you need to raise the temperature by several degrees. They’re more efficient than single-stage units.
    • Modulating: With a modulating furnace, the system ramps up and down to provide the right amount of heat at the right time, no matter what the conditions are. Thanks to the included variable speed blower, the furnace fan usually operates at a low to medium speed (think less energy consumption). It’s the most efficient of the three furnace types.

    How much should I budget for a new furnace?

    The cost of a new furnace can range from $2,807 to $6,783 with an average price of $4,696. * Most homes use a forced-air furnace system to provide heat in the colder months. These furnaces burn fuel, typically gas or oil, to heat air and then push the warm air through a building’s ductwork.

    Here’s what happens when PV Heating, Cooling & Plumbing performs your central heating installation
    1. A consultant performs a load calculation to determine the right size for your furnace. In many cases, this will be a different size from your current furnace.
    2. You choose among different furnace types and efficiency ratings.
    3. Experienced technicians install your furnace. Our team follows all proper installation and safety protocols.
    4. After a few days of using your new furnace, we return to your home to perform a quality control audit. This way, we make sure the furnace was installed to the highest standard and that it will keep you comfortable.
    5. We warranty our work, so you have peace of mind. When you sign up for a service agreement after your furnace installation, we warranty our labor for 10 years.

    PV Heating, Cooling & Plumbing is a licensed and insured company with a reputation for honesty, sincerity, and reliability that’s unmatched among Atlanta HVAC contractors. All of our technicians work for our company (no subcontractors) and complete 125 hours of training each year.

    Our goal is to install a furnace that performs at the highest possible level – and for the long term.

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