Comfortable temperatures. Great humidity control. Low energy bills. Long-lasting heating and air conditioning systems. Clean, healthy air.

    Those are the things we help you achieve with HVAC consulting and design! Let’s solve all of your AC, heating, and humidity challenges and make your home a year-round haven for comfort.

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    What is third-party HVAC consulting?

    We work directly with homeowners to solve all of their HVAC problems. The issues we address often include:
    • Fixing hot and cold spots throughout the home
    • Ensuring your HVAC equipment is the right size and type
    • Making temperatures even and consistent throughout your home
    • Keeping the humidity low in summer and higher in winter
    • Improving indoor air quality
    • Reducing your energy bills
    • Minimizing HVAC repairs and increasing equipment lifespan
    The steps in the process differ from home to home, but they typically include one or more of the following services:
    • Performing a Manual J load calculation for proper HVAC system sizing
    • Installing right-sized heating and AC equipment
    • Minimizing duct leakage and optimizing ductwork performance
    • Ensuring proper airflow throughout the home
    • Improving filtration and implementing a ventilation plan
    • Making energy efficiency upgrades via air sealing and insulation

    Calculating HVAC size = The foundation of residential HVAC consulting

    The primary service we provide during any HVAC and consulting work is a Manual J load calculation.

    HVAC load calculations are essential for determining the right size for your air conditioner and heating system, whether it’s a furnace or a heat pump. If your HVAC system isn’t the right size, staying comfortable is hard. Your home will probably be too humid in the summer, and you’ll suffer from inconsistent, uneven temperatures in the winter.

    By having a professional perform a load calculation before recommending new heating and air system, you can be sure your system will perform at the highest possible level in your home.

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    Most contractors don’t bother with load calculations. At PV Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we always perform them before an installation.

    Third party HVAC consulting that’s built around you

    While some homeowners are content with only a load calculation before purchasing new HVAC equipment, many are interested in optimizing other aspects of comfort and energy efficiency.

    Here are some other services we often provide as part of our HVAC consulting for homeowners:
    • A visual ductwork analysis and duct leakage test to determine how much air you’re losing and where the leaks are located
    • Guidance for humidity control in the event your air conditioner isn’t able to remove enough moisture on its own
    • An energy audit that shows us the areas of greatest heat loss and heat gain throughout your home, so we can identify areas that need air sealing or insulation
    • Ventilation design that ensures your home receives the proper amount of fresh, filtered air

    Why choose PV Heating, Cooling & Plumbing for home HVAC consulting?

    There are several reasons to let us design an as-perfect-as-possible HVAC setup for your home:
    1. We don’t just consult on HVAC. We install the systems. This means our team can anticipate issues that other consultants have never encountered. As experienced practitioners, we know that designs that look perfect on paper aren’t always practical in the real world. When you work with us, you’re working with a team that can address challenges head-on and makes adjustments that ensure your HVAC system performs the way you need it to.
    2. We perform load calculations for everyone. You don’t have to be local. Just send us the plans for your home. We’ll take care of the rest. This is an extremely valuable service for out-of-town clients who need a load calculation before they purchase a new HVAC system from another contractor.
    3. Our team knows that HVAC isn’t the only thing that impacts your comfort. When we consult on residential HVAC, we consider the whole home. Insulation, air leaks, ductwork performance, humidity control… everything. We can provide an HVAC design that incorporates changes well beyond just changing your heating and AC equipment.
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