Be sure every customer gets the right-sized HVAC system.

    If you’ve ever selected an HVAC system based on square footage, old-school rules of thumb, or even customer requests, you’ve probably experienced the consequences. You know that getting it right the first time – preferably via a load calculation – is the only way to know for sure that your customer gets the right system.

    HVAC Contractor Consulting

    At PV Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we deliver precise, well-informed HVAC consulting for contractors — so you can rest assured that your customer will love their system.

    Need design and installation? Check out our HVAC Design Services.

    Why third-party HVAC contractor consulting makes sense

    There are so many reasons to hire a consultant to perform a Manual J load calculation:
    • You may not have the time or resources to perform a load calculation for every job
    • The extra cost of an oversized system eats into your profits
    • Improperly sized HVAC systems lead to more customer callbacks and time-consuming adjustments
    • Customers with comfortable, efficient systems often become your lifetime customers
    Here’s why you should choose PV Heating, Cooling & Plumbing for contractor HVAC consulting:
    • We deploy experienced HVAC pros and specialized tools every day to perform load calculations
    • As HVAC professionals, we can anticipate issues that Manual J software can’t show us. We’ve installed thousands of systems and know a problem when we see one.
    • Our team performs load calculations on-site or remotely. Just send us the building plans for your customer’s home. We’ll handle the load calc

    So, is a load calc just data entry? No way.

    With us, there’s way more to it.

    The software can help any consultant perform a proper calculation and avoid a lot of the most common errors. But sometimes, you’ve got to look beyond what the numbers tell you.

    It always pays to have real-world HVAC installation experience.

    At PV Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we’ve got a lot of that. We’re an HVAC company first and foremost. We just happen to be the HVAC company that other HVAC companies call on for load calculations. Our team can look at the building plans for a home and identify challenges and issues that might not be apparent from numbers alone.

    So, is a load calc just data entry? No way.

    So, yes. We run the numbers from a building plan to calculate an HVAC system’s heating and cooling loads. But we also consider the whole picture and perform adjustments and modifications to ensure your customer gets the right-sized HVAC system.

    Find out more about our HVAC Load Calculation and Ventilation Design Services!

    Remote and on-site HVAC consulting

    We’ll visit your customer’s home to perform a load calculation if you’re local. We perform load calculations for all of our installations and are more than willing to visit your customer’s home to do the same.

    We also perform load calculations for clients across the US. It’s a simple matter of submitting the building plans for your customer’s home. Our team will work with you collaboratively and request any additional information we need to determine the heating and cooling loads.

    Whether local or remote, we use Wrightsoft software for load calculations and draw on decades of real-world, boots-in-the-attic installation expertise to ensure your customer gets exactly the HVAC system they need.

    Value-added consulting services for HVAC contractors

    Many of our contractor clients just need a load calculation, and that’s great. Others, however, want to help their customers optimize comfort and efficiency in other ways.

    For local clients, we offer the following value-added home performance services:
    • Home energy audits for identifying opportunities to improve insulation and air sealing; we’re a BPI-certified contractor and perform blower door tests and thermal imaging analysis.
    • Ductwork inspection and duct leakage testing to identify and seal duct leaks; we get duct leakage down to 4% on every job.
    • Consulting for humidity control and installation of whole-house dehumidifiers when required to keep humidity at a comfortable level
    • Ventilation design to help homes get the right amount of fresh air; our team installs air cleaning systems and mechanical ventilation equipment, like ERVs.

    HVAC consulting doesn’t just help your customer…

    It helps you!

    Have you ever calculated how much lower your materials cost would be if you hadn’t installed an oversized system? Or after installing several oversized systems?

    Bigger ACs and furnaces cost more. That’s just the way it is. And when you determine the heating and cooling loads by square footage, you’re bound to install several systems that were larger than they needed to be.

    Not only that — customers with improperly sized systems aren’t going to be as comfortable as customers with right-sized systems. They call back with complaints after the installation. They also need more repairs and aren’t as happy with their experience.

    Getting it right the first time can minimize callbacks and help ensure happier customers who stick with your company for the long term.

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