worker doing thermal scanOur home energy assessment combines comprehensive comfort, air quality, and efficiency analyses with an action-ready prescription plan – all based on principles of building science!

    We help you prioritize changes that will make your home more energy efficient. The result? Optimal comfort, cleaner air, and reduced energy consumption.

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    Feel more comfortable and save on utilities with energy efficiency consulting services

    A home energy audit begins with an all-out “doctor’s physical” on your Atlanta area home. Our team models energy consumption based on your utility bills and analyzes air leakage, insulation levels, and HVAC performance. This isn’t just any old home energy assessment – it’s far more comprehensive.

    Here’s what’s included:
    • Blower door test to identify air leaks and air infiltration throughout your home
    • Comprehensive ductwork inspection to pinpoint duct leaks and determine whether ducts are clean
    • Analysis of your home to find the best, most effective ways to improve indoor air quality
    • Thermal test to locate air leaks and inadequate insulation
    • Building airflow standard test to measure ventilation in your home
    • Combustion safety testing to find existing or potential carbon monoxide hazards
    • Seasonal HVAC inspection: during energy audits, we perform the same rigorous HVAC checkup we provide to clients with service agreements
    After taking those measurements, we report our findings in a comprehensive prescription plan. The plan draws on your home energy inspection results and provides a prioritized list of modifications for improved comfort and energy efficiency.

    Recommendations might include:
    • Sealing large air leaks to save energy and improve comfort
    • Air quality improvements, like air sealing and/or installation of ventilation equipment
    • Taking steps to improve conditions in your crawlspace and/or attic
    • HVAC modifications that reduce energy consumption Adding insulation where it’s missing or failing
    • Upgrading air filtration to improve indoor air quality

    When to consider a home energy assessment

    Many homes fail to use energy as efficiently as they should.

    Here are some signs you might benefit from a home energy assessment:
    • Sky high electric and gas bills
    • HVAC systems that struggle to satisfy your thermostat setting
    • Failing or missing attic and crawlspace insulation
    • Poor air quality that aggravates allergies or gives you headaches
    • Older homes built before modern building codes existed
    • You’re eager to reduce your consumption and conserve energy

    If one or more of those apply to you, a home energy assessment could help you save energy, improve comfort, and pay less for gas and electricity.

    After receiving your home efficiency consulting results…

    The next steps depend on the issues we uncover during the analysis. Common next steps include:
    • Air sealing and insulation improvements
    • Duct sealing and/or ductwork services, modifications, or installations
    • Indoor air quality improvements, which may require ERV installation or other fresh air system installation
    • Humidity management, which may entail whole-house dehumidifier installation or humidification equipment
    • Manual J load calculations: we also perform Manuals S, D, and T as part of the HVAC side of the consultation — that way, you get properly sized ductwork, registers, and grilles as well.

    Why choose PV Heating, Cooling & Plumbing for your home energy audit

    When you work with us, you’re getting building science experts.

    As a Building Performance Institute (BPI)-certified home performance contractor, our team knows how to identify your biggest home energy problems and solve them for good.

    In other words, we’re not here to rehash the “wisdom” of caulking around windows and doors. We use powerful home energy audit tools to measure how well your home performs. Then we make it perform better.


    When it comes to home comfort and energy efficiency, home performance matters just as much as HVAC performance.

    That’s why we deliver much more than just an HVAC energy audit. Our home energy inspection gets to the root of your energy consumption and comfort issues. In many cases, chronic indoor discomfort is not the fault of your AC or furnace. It’s the result of conditions in your home that prevent your HVAC system from delivering optimal performance.

    Insulation, air leaks, and attic or crawlspace conditions contribute to energy efficiency problems.

    Our team identifies these issues and shows you what’s needed to fix them. Why do we do this work? Because we’re committed to helping make your home a healthier, more comfortable, more energy-efficient place to live!

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