Effective Heating System
January 31

What Is the Most Effective Home Heating System?

When people ask us this question, they’re usually asking about fuel sources, whether gas or electric. That, or they’re wondering whether it’s worth purchasing a… View Article Read More

House Under Construction
May 5

Did Your Builder Bungle Your HVAC Installation?

Moving into a brand new house is exciting. Not only is everything shiny and unused, but many modern homes are more energy efficient than older… View Article Read More

Outdoor Heat Pump Units
April 19

Are Heat Pumps Better Than Furnaces?

Heat pumps really are the talk of the town these days. Depending on what you’ve read, you may have heard that they cool your home… View Article Read More

Heat pump in Atlanta, GA
April 6

Did Your Heat Pump Struggle This Winter?

Here in Atlanta, our winters are relatively short and mild compared to other parts of the country. By late March, we’re often experiencing full-blown springtime… View Article Read More

Furnace in Atlanta, GA
April 6

Why Does My Furnace Fan Keep Running?

So you know your heating system has satisfied your thermostat setting, but the furnace blower won’t turn off. Now you’re wondering, “Why does my furnace… View Article Read More

April 6

Why is My Furnace Making Noises?

Furnaces occasionally make weird sounds. From high-pitched whines to annoying thumps, furnaces are capable of producing all sorts of worrisome noises. Some of these sounds… View Article Read More

Furnace repair in Atlanta, GA
October 12

Worried About Modulating Furnace Problems? Read This First

Modulating furnaces are fabulous machines. Due to their design, they’re far more efficient than your typical furnace. Since they adjust output according to your home’s… View Article Read More

Geothermal Heating in Atlanta, GA
October 12

5 Common Geothermal Heat Pump Problems

Most people with geothermal heat pumps love them. Besides being incredibly efficient, especially during the winter, they also last a whole lot longer than a… View Article Read More

Furnace repair in Atlanta, GA
October 12

These Are the Most Common Furnace Problems

Did the heat stop work? Furnaces can stop running for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes, you might just have to tweak your thermostat or change… View Article Read More

Heating tips in Atlanta, GA
October 12

No Heat From Furnace? Do This Before Calling an HVAC Company

When it’s the dead of winter and there’s no heat from your furnace, you might think it’s freak-out time. Your first impulse is probably to… View Article Read More