If you want to feel more comfortable, use less energy, and breathe cleaner air, duct sealing is a smart choice for your Atlanta home!

    Leaky ducts are responsible for significant energy loss and airflow reductions. At PV Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we deliver an air duct sealing service that results in better HVAC performance and serious improvements in indoor comfort.

    Duct Sealing

    Who needs air duct sealing services?

    According to the EPA, a typical home loses 20 to 30 percent of its conditioned air to unsealed or poorly connected ducts. That’s just… crazy. And expensive!

    Here are some signs you’ve got leaky ducts:
    • High utility bills in summer and winter
    • Difficulty heating or cooling certain rooms
    • Visible dust and grime inside your ducts
    • Problems with excess dust Lots of insects or other pests HVAC system struggles to heat or cool
    Unless you know for a fact that your air ducts were sealed, they probably haven’t been.

    Here are the biggest benefits of sealing your ductwork:
    • Better airflow and comfort
    • More even heating and cooling among rooms
    • Lower utility bills during high use seasons
    • More comfortable humidity levels throughout the year
    • Cleaner air since the ducts aren’t pulling from the attic or crawlspace

    Why PV Heating, Cooling & Plumbing? Repeat after us: “4% duct leakage or less”

    That’s right! Our rigorous duct sealing process always aims for 4% duct leakage or less. In most cases, we can get there. And we test and seal and test and seal until we do.

    4% is a ridiculously low amount of duct leakage. In most homes, it’s unheard of.

    But that’s how we roll. Here’s how:
    • Materials: We start with actual duct mastic and genuine mastic tape. None of that thin foil stuff.
    • Connections and joints: Before testing anything, we seal all areas where duct material meets duct material.
    • Duct blaster: After an initial round of sealing, we perform a duct blaster test to visibly isolate areas of leakage. We seal those areas and repeat the test.
    • Pressure test: Using special equipment, we test the pressure inside your ducts to determine your actual level of duct leakage. We keep sealing and testing until we hit that 4% target.
    • Insulation: After we get duct leakage down to 4%, we insulate your ducts.
    • Access door: Yep, air can leak out of the access door on your indoor HVAC unit. Before leaving the scene, we tape the door, too.

    We do things your average Atlanta duct sealing company never even thinks about.

    This isn’t just about sealing leaky ducts, although sealing them is usually part of the equation.

    For us, all air duct services are about ensuring your ductwork helps you achieve maximum comfort and minimal energy consumption.

    Duct sealing is always important, but leaky ducts are rarely the only problem.

    At PV Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we analyze your ducts to identify the best opportunities to improve comfort and reduce energy loss.

    Sometimes, that means prioritizing other ductwork modifications, such as reinstalling existing ducts, replacing damaged or failing ducts, cleaning or ensuring you have ducts that are the right size for your home.

    If we don’t also look for these issues, duct sealing might just be a band-aid solution for a bigger problem. That’s why we always help you select the most appropriate service that meets your needs and budget.

    Duct sealing is always important, but leaky ducts are rarely the only problem.

    Aeroseal can seal your ducts from the inside

    Bad news: The most troublesome duct leaks might be located behind walls or between floors.

    Good news: To seal them, you don’t have to tear apart your house.

    Aeroseal is an innovative and effective product that seals leaky ducts from the inside! We apply it using special equipment that sends the sealing material deep into your ducts, where it binds to the connections and small gaps that allow air to escape.

    During our rigorous analysis of your ductwork, we can determine whether Aeroseal makes sense for your ducts. It often doesn’t. But when leaks are in hard-to-access places, it can be a game changer!

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