May 30

Want Instant Hot Water? Then You Want One of These

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May 25

What Size Air Conditioner Do I Need for a 2,000 Square Foot House?

Here’s something that happens a lot. We’ll either get a call from a homeowner or a customer will ask us during a service call. It… View Article Read More

May 20

Why Is My AC Not Blowing Cold Air?

On a hot day, there are few things more frustrating than an AC not blowing cold air. Whether the AC is running but not blowing… View Article Read More

Can the Inflation Reduction Act Help You Afford Energy Improvements?
May 15

Can the Inflation Reduction Act Help You Afford Energy Improvements?

It’s always nice when you can spend less than you thought you had to. And that’s especially true during times of high inflation. Last August,… View Article Read More

House Under Construction
May 5

Did Your Builder Bungle Your HVAC Installation?

Moving into a brand new house is exciting. Not only is everything shiny and unused, but many modern homes are more energy efficient than older… View Article Read More

Two Outdoor AC Units of Unequal Size
May 1

Not All 16 SEER2 Air Conditioners Are Created Equal

Ok. You’re holding two or three quotes from different HVAC companies. All are for air conditioners with a SEER2 of 16. Some quotes are higher… View Article Read More

Outdoor Heat Pump Units
April 19

Are Heat Pumps Better Than Furnaces?

Heat pumps really are the talk of the town these days. Depending on what you’ve read, you may have heard that they cool your home… View Article Read More

Energy rebates in Atlanta, GA
April 6

Save On Energy Improvements With These Georgia Power Rebates

If you’re looking for ways to save energy in 2023, you might be surprised at how affordable it can be to make energy efficiency improvements… View Article Read More

Electric in Atlanta, GA
April 6

Thinking About Going All Electric? Read This First

Many homeowners are considering ditching gas for an all electric home. It’s easy to see why! Many experts believe that much of our energy will… View Article Read More

Fiberglass in Atlanta, GA
April 6

Are You Inhaling Fiberglass?

We definitely hope you aren’t inhaling fiberglass particles, but you could be. When we perform home performance services, we often encounter indoor air quality issues… View Article Read More