Get a Manual J load calculation from seasoned experts who design and install new HVAC systems every single day! Our team delivers accurate, reliable HVAC load calculations to builders, contractors, and homeowners everywhere.

    The process is dead simple. You send us the building plans; we calculate the right HVAC system size.

    HVAC Load Calculation

    A Manual J load calculation is essential for creating a comfortable home

    There are so many advantages to having a heating and cooling load calculation before installing a new HVAC system:
    • Improved humidity management throughout the year
    • Comfortable, consistent temperatures throughout the home
    • Lower heating and cooling bills
    • Longer HVAC equipment lifespan
    • Possibility of reduced installation costs
    Most contractors don’t perform any sort of HVAC calculation before installing a new system. But when you do have one done, you can:
    • Avoid overpaying for oversized equipment
    • Avoid having a sticky, clammy home in summer
    • Avoid hot and cold spots in your home all year round
    • Avoid wasting energy and paying high utility bills
    • Avoid replacing an HVAC system sooner than you need to

    What is a Manual J (MJ8) load calculation?

    It’s how we determine the proper size for your HVAC system.

    To be more specific, Manual J, or MJ8, is a series of calculations set forth by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA). We deploy an experienced team and professional tools — including software that’s only available to contractors — to fulfill the ACCA’s load calculation requirements before any new installation.

    Upon completion, we’ve determined the heating load and cooling load for your home. You get a properly sized HVAC system that can keep you comfortable 24/7/365!

    Did you know most contractors don’t bother with HVAC load calculations?

    It’s true. Most contractors use old-school “rules of thumb,” typically based around square footage, to select a size for the systems they install.

    This “method” usually results in HVAC equipment that can’t accommodate your home’s heating load and/or cooling load.

    We can always tell when a contractor failed to perform a heating and cooling load calculation because the system will be oversized.

    Oversized HVAC equipment is a very bad thing. The system will short cycle, resulting in poor humidity management in summer and uneven temperatures — think hot and cold spots — all year long.

    Oh, and high heating and cooling bills. You’ll have those, too.

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    HVAC system right-sizing vs. HVAC system oversizing

    You always want a right-sized HVAC system — not an oversized one. That way, you can easily stay comfortable in all conditions throughout the year!

    When your HVAC equipment is sized according to a load calculation, it will reliably satisfy the home’s cooling load in summer and heating load in winter. It won’t be turning on and off all the time, short cycling, and costing you a crazy amount of money.

    The system will also last longer because it’s not being overworked during the extremes of summer and winter. And did we mention a smaller system, which you may end up with after we do the load calculation, usually costs less than a bigger one?

    Looking for right-sized HVAC load calculations?

    Here’s why you should work with PV Heating, Cooling & Plumbing:
    1. We deploy experienced professionals and top-of-the-line tools to perform HVAC design calculations, whether on-site or remotely.
    2. Our team has experience performing Manual J load calculations and installing HVAC systems.

    That second point is critical. Any time we perform a load calculation, whether in isolation or as part of a complete HVAC design project, we also apply our real-world expertise.

    This means we anticipate the on-the-ground challenges you face with getting a properly sized HVAC system into your home. We can also make adjustments when we encounter unusual or complex situations in the home’s measurements or the building plans.

    These are advantages you don’t get from a shop that knows how to perform a by-the-book load calculation but doesn’t have experience installing systems. At PV Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we’re experts at both.

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