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You deserve not to worry about annoying HVAC and plumbing problems

When your AC stops working during the summer, it’s no fun at all. Ditto for when the heat goes out in January or when your kitchen sink gets clogged, well, any time of year.

At PV Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we don’t think you should have to worry about these issues – ever.

The way we see it, contractors have a responsibility to minimize your risk of air conditioning, heating system, or plumbing problems. And when something does go wrong, you should have a trustworthy, go-to company who can fix the problem ASAP.

Basically, we think HVAC and plumbing should just work. You shouldn’t have to stress about those things!

Giving customers a worry-free HVAC experience has been our guiding principle since 2008

And since 2024, we’ve provided worry-free plumbing as well!

When we started PV Heating, Cooling & Plumbing in 2008, we were just three brothers with a crazy idea: Atlanta homeowners deserve quality, trustworthy heating and air conditioning services from a contractor who does things the right way.

As we surveyed the HVAC landscape at the time, we saw a lot of problems. Most contractors cut corners on installations, upsold customers on services they didn’t need, or sold expensive new equipment instead performing a better, less expensive repair.

That kind of stuff is still super common in Atlanta. But not when you work with us.

We’ve grown our business by prioritizing customers’ needs, always providing the best solution to a problem (even if it doesn’t make us any money), and ensuring every HVAC and plumbing installation is performed to the highest possible standard.

Most companies don’t do that stuff at all. We do it every day at every home we visit.

Our team of 65 HVAC and plumbing consultants, managers, and technicians exceed every benchmark for technical expertise. Every employee completes 120+ hours of continuing education every year as a condition of their employment at PV Heating, Cooling & Plumbing. And yes, when you hire us, you’re getting our highly trained technicians – we never send subcontractors to your home.

Licensed. Bonded. Insured. Ready to address any HVAC or plumbing challenge at your home. With PV Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, you’re getting Metro Atlanta’s best, most trustworthy air conditioning, heating and plumbing services.

HVAC and plumbing are about more than just systems and installations

The attributes of your home also matter. And they matter a lot.

In 2011, we began providing home performance services in addition to (and sometimes in conjunction with) air conditioning and heating service. The thing is, many comfort-related issues are due to attributes of your home – not your AC and heating system. Whether you’re battling high humidity or can’t seem to get rid of hot and cold spots in your home, a new HVAC system probably isn’t going to fix things. You’ll need to modify the home first.

That’s where home performance services come in. Any time we can solve a problem with better insulation or air sealing instead of selling someone a new AC, we’ll do it! In our experience, home performance upgrades are the best way to resolve major comfort and energy-efficiency issues.

And a lot of them qualify for a fat rebate from your utility provider.

Here’s a complete list of our services
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