Indoor air quality in Atlanta, GA
October 4

Installing a Whole-House Dehumidifier the Right Way

Updated: Sept 9, 2023 Muggy. Sultry. Moist. Here in Atlanta, we experience humid conditions from March through October. Sometimes, we even have warm, sticky days… View Article Read More

Furnaces in Atlanta, GA
October 4

Pros and Cons of High Efficiency Furnaces

Updated: October 16, 2023 If it’s time for a new furnace, you might be wondering whether today’s furnaces are more efficient than the one you’re… View Article Read More

AC units in Atlanta, GA
October 4

Two-Stage AC? Variable Speed Usually Makes More Sense

If you’re getting a new central air conditioner, you might be considering a two-stage unit. Compared to the standard, single-stage AC you’re probably replacing, a… View Article Read More

Radon levels in Atlanta, GA
October 4

Can an ERV Reduce Radon Levels?

In recent years, radon testing has become standard practice among prospective homeowners after placing a property under contract. It’s also common for longtime homeowners to… View Article Read More

Furnace repair in Atlanta, GA
October 4

The Great 80% Vs. 95% Furnace Showdown

If you’re replacing a standard efficiency furnace, the idea of installing a high efficiency unit might be tempting. In some cases, opting for a high-efficiency… View Article Read More

Air Quality in Atlanta, GA
October 4

This is What’s Happening in Your Crawlspace

As it warms up outside and the air gets more humid, you might already be shoving the blankets and coats to the back of your… View Article Read More

AC efficiency in Atlanta, GA
October 4

What Makes an AC Efficient? HINT: It’s Not Just SEER Rating

If you’re in the market for a new air conditioner, efficiency is probably one of the factors on your spec list. There’s no doubt about… View Article Read More

SEER rating in Atlanta, GA
October 4

What is SEER Rating?

As the temperatures around Atlanta climb and summer unleashes its sweltering fury, we need our air conditioners to work. And while our primary request is… View Article Read More

Energy Efficiency in Atlanta, GA
October 4

Serious About Energy Efficiency? Prioritize Your Upgrades

Everybody wants to save energy, but not everybody understands which energy savings opportunities make the most sense. Fortunately, there’s a lot of buzz about energy… View Article Read More

Ductwork in Atlanta, GA
October 4

How to Achieve 4% Duct Leakage or Less

In homes with central air conditioning and heating, leaky ductwork can lead to serious energy loss. According to the EPA, the typical home with a… View Article Read More