That’s the whole point of air duct cleaning services, right? You want to upgrade your air quality so you can breathe easier, stay healthier, and feel better.

    Oh, and you may find that duct cleaning improves HVAC performance. It’s a nice fringe benefit!

    When PV Heating, Cooling & Plumbing cleans your ducts, we do it right. Our Atlanta, GA duct cleaning team uses specialized vacuums with attachments designed just for HVAC duct cleaning. HEPA filters, too. The result? Cleaner indoor air and a healthier home.

    Air Duct Cleaning

    Your Atlanta duct cleaning company needs to target these problems

    When we clean your ducts, our goal is to resolve issues like these:
    • Health concerns: Dirty ducts can discharge contaminants into your home, including mold spores, dust and dust mites, pet dander, and harmful bacteria
    • Bad smells: Many of those contaminants can make your house stink. If you smell something musty when your HVAC system is on, duct cleaning might solve the problem.
    • HVAC performance: When all that gunk coats the inside of your ducts, it can restrict airflow. Cleaner ducts help air circulate properly! And since we also clean your indoor coil, our process may even extend your HVAC system’s life.
    Dirty ducts make you less comfortable and cost you more money by:
    • Aggravating your allergies
    • Circulating airborne contaminants
    • Making your house smell bad
    • Restricting airflow to the rooms you’re trying to heat or cool
    • Making your AC and furnace work harder

    Solve these problems now with the most effective AC duct cleaning in Atlanta!

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    Why opt for HVAC cleaning in Atlanta, GA?

    Because the air inside your home might be dirtier than the air outside.

    It’s true. In many homes, allergens like dust, pet dander, and even rodent or insect droppings accumulate inside the ductwork and circulate in the air.

    The culprit? While a few different issues contribute to these problems, dirty ductwork is a common one.

    When we visit your home to address indoor air quality issues, we always consider the condition of your ducts in conjunction with other possible sources of contamination.

    Why opt for HVAC cleaning in Atlanta, GA?

    Sometimes, dirty ducts are the problem. Other times, different issues need to be addressed.

    What to expect from an Atlanta air duct cleaning company

    • Honesty: Do you really
      need duct cleaning? We’ll analyze your home and guide you to the most effective indoor air quality improvements, whether that’s duct cleaning or something else.
    • Precision: When it’s time to clean your ducts, we do it the right way. We use professional-grade vacuums with all the necessary adaptors, extenders, and filters. We also clean your HVAC system’s indoor coil and all your grilles and registers.
    • Prevention: What’s to prevent your ducts from getting dirty again? We identify areas of duct leakage and offer the option to seal the leaks, so you can minimize the reentry of contaminants.
    • Expertise: This isn’t just about cleaning ducts. It’s about improving indoor air quality and optimizing HVAC performance. Our experienced team knows how to deliver any indoor air quality improvement, including duct sealing, air sealing, and even Manual D duct design.

    How do you know air duct cleaning will solve the problem?

    Great question! Generally speaking, you know it’s time to can an Atlanta duct cleaning company when the inside of your return ducts and/or your HVAC system’s blower wheel look dirty.

    How dirty? Well, a thin layer of dust is expected. If that’s all you find in there, then you may not need duct cleaning!

    But if you see a thick layer of dust and other debris – stuff that looks like it’s caked on – duct cleaning may make sense for your home.

    How do you know air duct cleaning will solve the problem?

    Here’s another sign you may need duct cleaning: you smell a musty odor any time your HVAC system runs. That could be a sign that your ducts are pulling in crawlspace air… and the contaminants that air contains.

    Ductwork cleaning alone may not be enough. Dirty ducts are often a symptom of a larger problem.

    Ducts often get dirty because they’re leaky. Instead of just circulating indoor air, the ducts pull in the crawlspace or attic air through gaps and holes.

    When you have your ducts cleaned, you might need to seal them, too.

    Otherwise, they’ll keep on pulling contaminants in through the leaks!

    When our Atlanta air duct cleaning team gets to work, we do these things, too.

    • Check whether leaks are making your ducts dirty
    • Clean your HVAC system’s indoor coil, when needed
    • Replace your air filter and secure the filter cabinet to stop contaminants from passing around the filter
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