Sealing air leaks saves energy and boosts air quality

    Air leaks are costly. They allow conditioned air to escape from your home and outdoor air to enter it. They also bring in air from your attic or crawlspace – the air you’d rather not breathe.

    We find the leaks using a blower door and infrared camera test. Then we seal them up – tight.

    Atlanta Air Sealing Services

    How do you know if your home has air leaks?

    Almost all homes have air leaks, but many homes have severe air leakage. Here are some signs that sealing your home’s air leaks could result in better comfort and lower bills:

    • Your HVAC system runs more frequently than it should.
    • Temperatures among rooms are very uneven.
    • You feel drafts around windows, doors, outlets, or other areas.
    • Utility bills are sky high in summer and winter.
    • Pests always find a way to crawl inside your home.
    • High humidity levels, problems with allergies, and/or visible mold.
    Air sealing does double duty: better comfort, lower utility costs

    Air sealing involves the targeted application of caulk, spray foam, or weatherstripping to leaky areas of your home. By keeping conditioned air where it belongs – inside the home, not out – air sealing improves indoor comfort and air quality.

    • Reduced air infiltration: Attic and crawlspace air enters your home through gaps around ducts, pipes, and wiring. Our house sealing service keeps that unhealthy air out of your living space.
    • Better humidity control: Less humid air enters your home during summer, and less dry air gets in during winter.
    • Fewer drafts: Used to feeling drafts around windows and doors? Air sealing reduces drafts and helps you achieve consistent temperatures.

    Air sealing can lower your energy bills, too.

    Here are some of the ways air sealing can lower your utility costs:
    • Lighter heating and cooling loads: Since air sealing reduces air infiltration, your HVAC system doesn’t consume as much energy.
    • Fewer HVAC run cycles: The less your system runs, the less you pay each month to operate it. Air-sealed homes don’t require as many HVAC run cycles.
    • Higher (or lower) thermostat settings: You might even be able to increase your thermostat setting in summer and lower it in winter, saving even more money.

    This is what’s included with air sealing services:

    • Blower door test: We set up a blower door to pressurize your home. This helps us see where the leaks are.
    • Thermal imaging: Using an infrared camera, we explore your home and record images of areas of significant air leakage.
    • Air leakage report: After performing the blower door test and recording images, we create a report that prioritizes your biggest opportunities for air sealing.
    • Leak sealing: Using caulk, spray foam, or weatherstripping, our team seals your home’s air leaks.
    • Better comfort and energy efficiency: When all is said and done, you should enjoy a more comfortable home and lower energy bills.

    We’ve got air sealing down to a science. Literally.

    Priorities, priorities. That’s the thing about air sealing. You need to know where the biggest gaps and cracks are, and which ones cause the most air leakage. After that, you can prioritize.

    At PV Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we follow a “whole home” approach to comfort. Sometimes, comfort problems are HVAC problems. Other times, they’re not. You’ve got to look at the whole home, not just the AC and heating equipment.

    We've got air sealing down to a science. Literally.

    Air sealing is one of the many ways we consider your whole home. After all, HVAC equipment can’t heat and cool your home efficiently when there are giant air leaks throughout your living space. By addressing air leaks – and considering them in context – we can often improve comfort significantly without changing anything about your HVAC system.

    To make it happen, we perform a blower-door guided test to identify your biggest opportunities for improvement.

    This “guided” blower door air sealing process ensures you prioritize the biggest problem spots. It’s a far cry from the “let’s just seal this spot” approach you might get from some Atlanta-area contractors. Our home sealing service is different. It is a scientific, accurate method for helping you save energy and breathe healthier air.

    All you have to do is schedule an appointment.

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