You deserve to breathe fresh air inside your home. An energy recovery ventilator, or ERV, gets you there.

    At PV Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we provide a full suite of ERV services for Atlanta homeowners.

    An ERV brings clean, filtered, fresh air into your home 24/7.

    ERV Services

    As one of the few HVAC companies in our area specializing in indoor air quality, our team knows how to install, service, and repair all types of residential ERV systems.

    ERV Installation

    • ERV Installation
      Enjoy 24/7 fresh air inside your home and the peace of mind that comes with Atlanta’s most rigorous and precise ERV installation.
    ERV Maintenance & Repair

    • ERV Maintenance & Repair
      Keep your ERV in proper working order. Our team knows how to maintain your ERV, diagnose problems, and apply the best fix.

    Why use an energy recovery ventilator for fresh air?

    For starters, the air inside most homes usually isn’t very clean.

    There may be airborne contaminants circulating inside your home all the time, including:
    • Mold and other microbes resulting in humid indoor conditions, leaky air ducts, or outdoor air infiltration
    • Volatile organic compounds (aka VOCs) for manufactured products that off the gas and/or chemicals stored inside your home
    • Animal dander from your pets
    • Lingering odors from kitchens and bathrooms
    • Environmental allergens or industrial pollutants that enter your home via passive air infiltration
    Compared to other ventilation options, an ERV supplies your home with cleaner, more consistent fresh air while avoiding many common ventilation drawbacks.

    Specifically, an ERV:
    • Filters all incoming air, so contaminants are removed before they enter your home — that’s better than opening a window!
    • Removes “old” air at the same time it introduces fresh air, so you achieve constant balanced ventilation without pressurizing your home
    • Transfers humidity between incoming and outgoing air, so you can ventilate with less humidity in summer, and more humidity in winter
    • Integrates with your existing ductwork and HVAC components
    How does an energy recovery ventilator work?
    • The system brings fresh air into your home through ducts connected to the outdoors.
    • This air is filtered on the way in.
    • At the same time, the air is removed from your home in an amount equal to the fresh air being brought in — this is why we say an ERV provides “balanced” ventilation.
    • As the two air streams pass by each other inside the ERV’s core, humidity is transferred from the more humid air stream to the less humid one. This happens even though the air streams never mix.
    • The fresh air with less humidity (in summer) or more humidity (in winter) is circulated throughout your home and the process repeats itself.

    What at the pros and cons of an ERV system?

    Pros include:
    • Healthier indoor air
    • Fewer or zero lingering bad smells
    • Quality filter that prevents contaminants from circulating
    • Controlled humidity management for more comfortable ventilation
    • Minimal maintenance with a quality installation
    Cons include:
    • Occasional need to clean the system’s interior core, which can get dusty or dirty over time
    • The filter needs to be replaced occasionally, kind of like your furnace filter
    • Parts can wear out just like any mechanical system, but this usually only occurs after many years of service

    The pros vastly outweigh the cons! When you get an ERV, you’re getting a reliable system for consistent fresh air all year round. And the maintenance is minimal.

    Why select PV Heating, Cooling & Plumbing for energy recovery ventilator services

    You won’t find an Atlanta area HVAC company that cares about indoor air quality more than we do.

    One thing that’s often overlooked in our profession is the “V” part of HVAC. V is for ventilation, and every home needs the right amount of it — and the right kind.

    We believe you and your family can and should breathe healthy air inside your home.

    Consistently fresh indoor air isn’t always easy to achieve, but our team can get you there. And we’ll always do so honestly and only after performing a complete analysis of your home to determine your best fresh air system solution.

    Sometimes, that will be an ERV. Other times, it might be something else… or nothing at all! We’ll always point you in the right direction.

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