If your ducts are damaged, leaky, undersized, or just poorly installed, your HVAC system is going to struggle. Feeling comfortable will be hard! And you might experience poor indoor air quality.

    The good news? PV Heating, Cooling & Plumbing can make your ductwork work.

    Air Ducts And Ductwork Services

    What HVAC ductwork services do we offer?

    • Ductwork installation services: Our experts determine the right size and amount of ductwork for your home using the Manual D calculation. Then we install the new duct material, including all flex and hard pipe ducts, plenums, boots, and registers.
    • Duct sealing service: Our technicians use actual duct mastic and high-quality mastic tape to seal every leak at the connection points, boots, and registers. Then we test, seal some more, and verify that you’ve got no more than 4% duct leakage!
    • Duct cleaning: Dust, dirt, mold, and dust mites could be living in your ducts. A complete and thorough cleaning obliterates those contaminants and improves indoor air quality.
    • Aeroseal® duct sealing: After cleaning your ducts, we can send Aeroseal® throughout your system to seal gaps and cracks from the inside out – that way your ducts don’t get dirty again.
    • Ductwork repair: Have your ducts been damaged? Whether they’ve been damaged by pests, crushed by something in your attic or crawlspace, or just pulled loose from their connection point, we can correct the problem.
    • Ductwork insulation repair: We can remove old or damaged duct insulation

    You won’t find a more comprehensive suite of ductwork services from any other Atlanta HVAC company!

    Ductwork installation services? Here’s how we do it.

    Whether for retrofits or new installations, PV Heating, Cooling & Plumbing performs all the measurements and legwork needed to ensure your HVAC system has the best possible ductwork. Here’s how:

    • Sizing: Through rigorous calculations, we determine the right size duct system for your home. This process involves matching duct material to your home size and attributes, room-by-room airflow needs, and the size of your HVAC system.
    • Installation: Our team installs ductwork according to our advanced pre-installation calculations. With us, you always get the right amount of ductwork, and the ducts are always installed to provide optimal airflow.
    • Sealing and testing: After installing the ductwork to our rigorous specifications, we seal the ducts with mastic or mastic tape, leakage test, continue sealing until everything is tight, and ensure balanced airflow delivery to every room.

    Our team uses a combination of insulated hard pipe and flex ducts with quality connectors. There will not be any sagging or tight bending that impedes airflow!

    Damaged ducts? Our ductwork repair services have you covered.

    Furnace ductwork repair

    Whether the metal ductwork coming off your furnace has corroded, or the flex duct has been damaged, we can provide the best possible fix.

    Air conditioning ductwork repair

    Get attentive and high-quality repair for your damaged air conditioning ducts. Flex ducts, in particular, are subject to damage or deterioration over time.

    Crawl space ductwork repair

    Are your ducts under your house? Ducts in crawlspaces are at higher risk of damage due to pests, moisture, and bacterial growth. We’ll analyze your ducts, diagnose the specific problem, and direct you to the best long-term solution.

    Ductwork insulation repair

    Old duct insulation can fail. Whether it’s torn up, falling off the duct, or just plain dirty and flattened out, we can remove old duct insulation and replace it with new material. We’ll also seal your ducts before putting on the new insulation, further reducing energy loss!

    No matter what kind of damage your ducts have suffered, we can repair and/or replace the damaged sections.

    Benefits of professional ductwork services

    With clean, sealed, properly sized ducts that are installed 100% to spec, you can finally enjoy:

    • Better indoor comfort: Quality ductwork ensures air is distributed properly throughout your home and helps eliminate uneven temperature issues.
    • Cleaner air: Leaky ducts can bring attic or crawlspace air into your home. Our ductwork services ensure your ducts deliver clean, conditioned air to your living space.
    • Lower energy bills: Duct leakage and undersized ductwork cost you money! Lots of energy is lost to leaky ducts, and undersized ducts can overwork your HVAC system, contributing to wear-and-tear and high bills. With optimal ductwork, you enjoy lower utility costs.

    Think you need a ductwork inspection? We’re good at those.

    Most HVAC companies consider ductwork to be an afterthought. They don’t perform calculations to determine proper duct sizes. In many cases, they also hack into the ducts as fast as possible and don’t do any sealing to prevent energy loss.

    At PV Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we know how to correct these mistakes and ensure you have the perfect duct system for your home.

    Think you need a ductwork inspection? We’re good at those.

    If you’re experiencing uneven temperatures, high energy bills, or bad smells, a ductwork inspection could reveal quite a lot about your problem! There’s a good chance your duct system was poorly designed, and the ducts weren’t installed well, to begin with.

    Let us analyze your duct system and point you to the best possible solution!

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