The inside of your air conditioner stays wet all summer long. It’s the perfect environment for microbes of all sorts to grow, live and prosper.

    Unless you zap them into oblivion with a UV light.

    At PV Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we can help you select the right UV light for your HVAC system, install it, and help you keep your indoor air clean.

    HVAC UV Light Installation & Replacement

    Why use a germicidal UV light system at all?

    HVAC UV lamps target microbial growth on your AC’s indoor coil by:
    • Disinfecting the coil by bathing it in UV light, 24/7
    • Destroying biological contaminants before they enter your indoor air
    • Minimizing the circulation of harmful microbes that would otherwise be in your air
    • Getting rid of existing microbial growth and preventing additional growth
    In conjunction with other measures to improve indoor air quality, UV light can be a powerful tool. We like to use them when:
    • Homeowners already have a media filter or HEPA system installed inside their ductwork
    • Ducts are well sealed to minimize the entry of contaminants
    • Ducts have already been cleaned (if needed) using a professional service

    We love UV lights inside AC units. But they’re not your first line of defense.

    It’s true! UV lights are effective products for controlling microbial growth. But you need to capture particulate matter, too.

    We recommend installing UV lights in conjunction with a media filter.

    Media filters trap tiny particles as small as 0.1 microns, which is around 700 times as small as a strand of hair! If you’re serious about improving indoor air quality, you need to install a media filter before you install UV lights.

    Since media filters minimize the number of particulates that can collect on the AC coil, they also reduce the “food supply” for microbes. In other words, a media filter keeps your coil clean. And a clean coil is less subject to bacterial contamination in the first place.

    We love UV lights inside AC units. But they're not your first line of defense.

    These are the 3 steps to rock solid indoor air quality

    • Seal everything. By sealing your air ducts and air sealing your home, you minimize the particulate matter that enters your HVAC system. A cleaner HVAC system is less subject to bacterial growth.
    • Upgrade to a media filter. These filters have more surface area than standard 1″ filters. They capture more contaminants and smaller contaminants, which helps keep your AC coil clean.
    • Install UV lights. With a germicidal UV light system, you bathe the wet AC coil in bacteria-destroying light 24 hours per day.

    Additional options include HEPA filtration systems and mechanical fresh air ventilation. Talk to us about your indoor air quality concerns, and we’ll help you make the best choice!

    Signs you may need a UV lamp inside your HVAC system

    • Allergies: You’re always sneezing inside your house. Maybe you get headaches or have itchy, watery eyes all the time. Airborne allergens are likely making you feel ill.
    • Leaky ductwork: Duct leaks allow dust and dirt to accumulate on your AC’s wet indoor coil, making it the perfect environment for bacteria to flourish.
    • Sub-par air filtration: Standard air filters may fail to capture enough particulate matter and the housings are often poorly installed. Combined with a media filter, UV lights are a powerful tool for improving air quality.

    Why choose PV Heating, Cooling & Plumbing for your HVAC ultraviolet light system?

    Because we value indoor air quality and will always point you in the right direction, even when it doesn’t result in a bigger sale for us. That’s the main reason.

    You deserve to breathe clean air inside your home. If a UV light is the best solution, we’ll tell you. If it isn’t, we’ll show you what makes the most sense.

    Our consultant will listen closely to your concerns and help you select the products and/or services that best suit your needs and budget. We’re good listeners, and our goal is to help you breathe easier and feel healthier at home.

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