Nobody likes when their air conditioner breaks down. Besides not being able to cool your home – and that’s bad enough on its own – a broken AC often means an expensive repair is in your future. It’s a drag.

The good news? There’s a way to avoid many of the most expensive air conditioner repairs and extend the life of your current system. It’s called…

Having your system inspected on a regular basis

Seriously. It’s that simple. An experienced HVAC pro should inspect your system and perform some basic maintenance tasks every year – once before the cooling season and once before the heating season.

You already do this for your car. Regular tune-ups by knowledgeable people can help you avoid breakdowns on the highway. It’s a smart thing to do.

HVAC maintenance is no different.

At PV Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, many of the services calls we respond to are problems that could have been avoided with basic maintenance. But since the client waited until something broke before calling a heating and air company, well…

Let’s just say they almost always end up paying more money to fix the problem than they would have spent preventing it. True story.

Want to know what those problems are? Here’s a rundown of the most common ones:

Problem 1: Dirty everything

If you’re like most homeowners around Atlanta, your HVAC system lives in one or two different places. One part resides outdoors, so it’s exposed to the elements. The other part lives inside your attic, crawlspace, or garage. It’s safe from rain, but it’s still exposed to… other stuff.

The bottom line? The system gets dirty. And if you don’t actively clean it, it can get super dirty.

For starters, there’s the outdoor coil. When it gets dirty, it prevents the system from cooling the house efficiently. You’ll wonder why the air isn’t blowing cold, and you’ll have to call in a crew to fix the problem.

Over time, a dirty coil forces the compressor to work harder than it’s designed to. If the compressor fails – and it happens a lot! – you’re either looking at a very expensive repair or an all-out system replacement. You don’t want either of those.

Oh, and about air filters. When they aren’t changed or cleaned on a regular basis, they restrict air flow. This causes the system to literally freeze up. Ice and everything. The AC won’t cool your house properly, and you’ll wonder why.

Regular maintenance keeps this stuff from happening. When we do our cooling season inspection, we clean the outdoor coil. That way, your AC works like it’s supposed to, and you avoid expensive service calls.

We also give you a lifetime supply of 1″ air filters (it’s a PV Heating, Cooling & Plumbing service agreement perk!), so you’ve got no excuses when it comes to keeping them clean!

Problem 2: Liquids

Refrigerant and water: your AC must move both of these liquids effectively or it simply will not work.

Let’s start with refrigerant. Also known as Freon, refrigerant circulates throughout your system’s outdoor and indoor coils. If you don’t have the proper refrigerant charge (or if you have a refrigerant leak), you’ll need service. And depending on the problem, that service might cost a lot.

Then there’s water. Your AC removes humidity from your home whenever it’s running. It turns the humidity into actual water that you can see, feel, and touch. Then it drains that water to the outdoors.

Unless something’s wrong with the system – a drain line clog, for instance. When water doesn’t drain properly, it’ll trip your float switch and shut the system off.

Preventative maintenance helps you avoid these problems. You knew that was coming, right? When we inspect your air conditioner, we flush the PV Heating, Cooling & Plumbing drain line and any condensate lines so they’re clean and clear. We also check the refrigerant charge. Barring any unpredictable issues that cause a refrigerant leak, we’ll confirm you’re good to go for the season.

Problem 3: Broken stuff

Your air conditioner is a complex piece of machinery full of various parts. All of those parts work in tandem with one another. If one thing breaks, the whole thing can stop working.

That being the case, you want to prevent things like compressors, fan motors, capacitors, fuses, and transformers from busting in the first place. Or, if you’ve got a part that’s close to failure, you want to know about it so you can avoid coming home to an unbearably hot house on a July afternoon!

Once again: maintenance! We perform various operational tests during our annual inspections. The purpose is to see whether any AC parts are on the verge of failure. That way, we can replace them before they give you trouble.

Get on our inspection list, and you also benefit from a 15% parts discount. In the event we do have to replace a part, you’ll pay less than you would if it failed unexpectedly!

So, unless you just love sitting around in a hot, sticky home and dropping serious cash to get your AC fixed…

Sign up for a service agreement with PV Heating, Cooling & Plumbing! Our plans are the best in Atlanta. Hands down. You get…

  • two inspections per year
  • the 15% parts discount we already mentioned
  • $0 service charges
  • a lifetime supply of 1″ filters, and
  • priority client status

Yep, that means we’ll bump you to the top of the list in the event of a service call. We’re here 7 days per week and 52 weeks per year. Holidays, too.

The biggest benefit, though, is peace of mind. You’ll know your system is ready to keep you cool all season. You’ll also know that if something does go wrong, you’ve got the fast track to having it fixed.

Contact us today to get started with a service agreement!

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