Springtime in Atlanta means abundant greenery, colorful flowers, and, perhaps most importantly, pleasant outdoor temperatures. The weather outside is often so nice, many people don’t bother running their air conditioners until mid-to-late May.

However, as you may have noticed, there’s a not-so-comfortable aspect of the “perfect” spring weather: humidity.

And if you’ve been thinking about a whole-house dehumidifier to combat humidity, there’s no better time to get one than springtime.

Why is spring a good time to get a dehumidifier?

In the Southeast, indoor humidity can be brutal from March through May.

You notice it while spending time indoors in the mornings, evenings, or while you try to go to sleep. You might even wake up in damp sheets, wondering how you got that way when it’s not hot enough outside for you to break a sweat.

In many cases, this happens because the relative humidity (RH) inside your house is high – even though the temperature outside isn’t hot!
This brings us to the first reason why spring is the best time of year to get a whole-house dehumidifier…

1. You’re not running your AC as much in spring

Once summer rolls around, our air conditioners are fired up and blowing cold air. Air conditioners do a pretty good job of removing humidity from your home, assuming they’re properly sized and installed.

Can an AC be tweaked to provide even better humidity control? Absolutely. Can a dehumidifier help even more? Definitely, yes!

But in most homes, most of the time, an air conditioner does most of the heavy lifting when it comes to humidity removal. When it’s running, that is. This is always the case during the summer.

Most people don’t run the AC during the spring much, though.

And since humidity levels in spring are comparable to summer levels, your home’s RH is bound to be higher than you want it to be. It’s common for homes to maintain RH levels of 60% to 80% all through spring, which is high! 45% to 55% is optimal.

For this reason, having a whole-house dehumidifier in spring can be a godsend. You get to run your AC as little (or as much) as you like without worrying about the humidity penalty.

Get your new dehumidifier in early spring, and you can enjoy it for three whole seasons immediately after installation.

2. Your HVAC contractor is probably available

There’s nothing worse than having your old AC break down on a hot day in July. That’s actually a big reason why spring is a good time of year to book an AC installation, too!

HVAC contractors tend to be busy in summer, especially in the Atlanta area. To a lesser, but still notable, extent, they’re also busy during the coldest parts of winter. But in the spring and fall? Not so much.

If you’ve been thinking about a whole-house dehumidifier installation, booking it in spring often means you won’t have to wait very long.

3. There’s a chance you’ll get a better price

This isn’t always the case, and it depends heavily upon the contractor and the available types of equipment. Still, there are a lot of HVAC contractors who offer discounts or incentives for new equipment installations in spring or fall.

Spring is still the best time to get a dehumidifier since you can start enjoying it right away. But this scenario plays out from September through November, too.

So if you’ve been thinking about a whole-house dehumidifier…

This spring is the most optimal possible time to get one! If yours is installed in March, you can start enjoying a more comfortable home right away – the dehumidifier will likely run every day between the day it’s installed and early November!

If you live in Metro Atlanta and are interested in discussing a whole-house dehumidifier for your home, get in touch with us! We have a unique and extremely precise approach for delivering the best possible whole-house dehumidifier installation for your home.

With whole-house dehumidifiers, there simply is no one-size-fits-all installation method. Our team will examine your home and your ductwork to determine the best possible installation design for you.

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