If you’re looking for ways to save energy in 2023, you might be surprised at how affordable it can be to make energy efficiency improvements to your home.

Georgia Power’s new rebate programs help offset the costs of all sorts of home improvements that can lower your energy bills. Everything from energy assessments to heat pump water heater installation is eligible for a rebate!

PV is an approved contractor for Georgia Power’s energy rebate programs. We can help any customer complete the rebate paperwork after providing an eligible service.

Let’s take a look at some of the different services that qualify for rebates from Georgia Power.

Home energy assessments

An energy assessment, also known as an energy audit, is the first step in determining how to save energy and improve comfort in your home. Without an energy assessment, there’s no way to know whether you’ll benefit more from air sealing, adding insulation, or replacing your HVAC system – we’d have to guess!

During an energy assessment, a contractor does something called a blower door test. Basically, a large fan is temporarily set up in an exterior door to pressurize the home.

While the test is underway, the contractor explores your home with a thermal imaging device to document areas where there’s a lot of heat transfer. Areas of significant heat movement are where you get your biggest bang for your buck. You should address these first! The assessment is the only way to figure out where these areas are.

In 2023, Georgia Power offers a rebate of $150 for a home assessment from PV.

Our normal price is $550 for homes with up to two HVAC systems and an additional $50 for each additional HVAC system in the home. The rebate from Georgia Power knocks off a good chunk of that total!

The results of the assessment are critical. We use them to determine:

  • Priorities for reducing energy use in your home
  • Whether we can achieve an energy reduction of 20% or more

The 20% figure matters. If we determine that we can save you at least that much energy, we can get you into Georgia Power’s Home Energy Improvement Program. Speaking of which…

Home Energy Improvement Program (HEIP)

This is Georgia Power’s whole-house energy improvement option. If we can reduce your energy usage by 20% based on the findings from the assessment, you can qualify for a big rebate.

Georgia Power offers a rebate of up to $1,150 for improvements performed as part of the HEIP in 2023.

Different improvements that you may need as part of the HEIP include:

The services you select will depend on the results of the assessment. In the event we don’t think we can reduce your energy usage by 20% or more, you can still purchase individual services to save energy.

Other services that are eligible for rebates

Not everybody qualifies for the HEIP, but many homes can still benefit from standalone energy improvement services. Luckily, Georgia Power offers rebates for those as well.

Here are the 2023 Georgia Power rebate offers for individual energy improvements:

  • Attic insulation installation: up to $250
  • Duct sealing: up to $300
  • Smart thermostat installation: 50% off up to $75
  • Air sealing: up to $300
  • Heat pump water heater installation: 50% of cost up to $500

Other non-HVAC savings opportunities include rebates for refrigerator recycling, EV charger installation, and discounts on LED bulbs. Low-income families and seniors whose income is below 200% of the federal poverty level also qualify for energy savings assistance.

Ready to save energy (and save big on improvements)?

We can help! As a participating Georgia Power contractor, PV can help you get rebates for your energy efficiency improvements. Our team will help you complete and submit all necessary paperwork, so you can receive your rebate ASAP.

To learn more about energy improvements for your home or to book an assessment, get in touch with PV today!

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