Besides being water heater experts, we’re also energy efficiency enthusiasts. If you’re an Atlanta homeowner with a heat pump water heater, you want it to heat your water and run as efficiently as possible.

    Our team provides top-notch heat pump water heater service. All you have to do is get in touch!

    Heat Pump Water Heater Repair

    Here’s when you need a heat pump water heater repair service

    While most heat pump water heater (aka hybrid water heater) issues are no different from conventional water heater issues, there are a few unique problems to be aware of:
    • Compressor issues or compressor failure
    • Mineral buildup on the heating elements can make the unit seem noisy
    • Filter-related issues, including but not limited to a filter just being dirty
    • Bad run capacitor preventing the heat pump from running
    • Higher-than-normal operating costs, which could indicate any of several issues
    Other times, your hybrid heat pump water heater might be having problems that any tank water heater can experience:
    • Leak from the tank or from pipe fittings
    • Bad heating element (your heat pump unit relies on strip heat during the coldest times of year)
    • TPR valve opening due to excessive pressure
    • Smelly or dirty-looking hot water
    • Low water pressure from your hot water faucets
    • No hot water or too little hot water

    You got your heat pump water heater for a reason, right?

    Probably because you wanted the most energy efficient water heater available! Low operating costs are the biggest benefit of heat pump water heaters. But it doesn’t make them invincible.

    At PV, we understand why you invested in a hybrid hot water heater. We want it to work properly just as much as you do.

    Our experienced technicians will analyze your heat pump water heater, determine what’s wrong, and advise you as to the best possible fix. It’s why we’re known for providing the best heat pump water heater repair in Atlanta!

    Our team services heat pumps every single day.

    Unlike most plumbers, our experienced HVAC technicians are highly trained mechanical systems professionals who have repaired and/or installed heat pump systems for years.

    We know heat pumps, which is why we’re well equipped to provide heat pump water heater service.

    If you’re having a problem with a heat pump water heater in your Atlanta area home, choose a professional that understands heat pump mechanics. Leaks and clogs are the plumber’s domain. Mechanical troubleshooting is ours.

    Our team services heat pumps every single day.

    Heat pump or hybrid water heater repair for all makes and models

    At PV, we service all makes and models of heat pump water heaters, including:
    • Rheem
    • Rinnai Enviroflo
    • Westinghouse
    • A.O. Smith

    Truth be told, the brand of your heat pump water heater hardly matters when it comes to repair. The mechanical issues we encounter are virtually identical from brand to brand, so you can rest assured that our technicians will be able to diagnose the problem.

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