Tankless Water Heater Repair in Atlanta

Need tankless water heater repair? We've got you covered.

Enjoy consistent, reliable hot water from your tankless unit! At PV, we repair all makes and models of tankless water heaters.

At PV, our tankless water heater repair service covers all makes and models. Let our team figure out what the problem is and deliver a long-lasting fix!

Need tankless water heater repair? We've got you covered.

Atlanta's most dependable tankless water heater repair service

Most of the time, a water heater is a low maintenance machine. But that doesn't mean it can't break down! You may need tankless water heater repair service for problems like:

  • No ignition due to a faulty gas valve or other gas-related issue
  • Flame failure due to gas line or ventilation problems
  • Mineral buildup resulting from age and/or hard water
  • Leaking from water pipes or the unit itself
  • Strange sounds or smells coming from the unit or your pipes

At PV, we can help you solve common tankless water heater problems, including:

  • Flow rates and their effect on water heater ignition
  • Capacity-related issues that impact water heater performance
  • Combustion safety and carbon monoxide (CO) monitoring
  • Water pressure issues, which may or may not indicate a water heater problem.
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Save on tankless water heater repair

Take advantage of our special service plan just for tankless units. Get an annual water heater cleaning/flushing and discounts on any repairs when you sign up!

This service plan is separate from our HVAC service plans, although clients with those plans may also qualify for discounts. Let us know you're interested in a service plan when you contact us to schedule a service!

Save on tankless water heater repair

Tankless water heater repair service for all makes and models

We're tankless experts. Our team services all makes and models of tankless units, including RInnai and Navien models.

If you've got tankless water heater problems, our team knows what to do. All tankless units, regardless of the manufacturer, have similar issues and several common points of failure. Not all makes and models are the same, but the repairs typically are.

Since we know you love your tankless water heater – after all, tankless units are more efficient than conventional tanks, right? – we go out of our way to help it continue providing optimal performance. That way, you can keep loving it.

Here's one of the most common tankless water heater problems: capacity

If you're running out of hot water all the time, the problem might not be your water heater. It might be the heater's capacity.

When there's a lot of demand for hot water, there's a chance your water heater just can't keep up. When that's the case, you've got options:

  1. Avoid using hot water in more than one place at once (in other words, no showering while the dishwasher is on)
  2. Install an additional tankless water heater to ensure you can always meet demand.
  3. Resize (and reinstall) your gas meter or gas line. Sometimes, a tankless unit puts too much demand on your natural gas infrastructure, requiring a new, properly sized gas meter and/or gas line.

Whatever the case, PV can help! Our experienced technicians can diagnose your tankless water heater problems, determine whether a repair is necessary, and advise you on next steps.

Here's one of the most common tankless water heater problems: capacity

Tankless water heater giving you trouble? Have PV make it hot again.

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