Heat Pump Water Heater Installation & Replacement

Get the most efficient water heater for your Atlanta home.

Heat pump water heaters use less energy than any other type of water heater! And when they're installed properly, they deliver reliable long-term performance.
Get the most efficient water heater for your Atlanta home.

Why should you install a heat pump water heater?

Because their efficiency and reliability can't be beat. That's why. Here are some fast facts and specs on heat pump water heaters:

  • Ultimate efficiency: Instead of burning fuel or relying solely on electric resistance heat, these water heaters remove heat from the ambient environment and use it to heat your water. This process requires minimal energy consumption and helps you save money each month!
  • Hybrid operation: When there isn't enough heat in the surrounding air to heat your water, these water heaters are equipped with on-board electric resistance heat. It's why they're sometimes called "hybrid" water heaters.
  • Long lasting: Compared to conventional water heaters, heat pump water heaters often last longer. It's not uncommon to get 15 to 20 years of service from a heat pump water heater.

So, what's the catch with heat pump water heaters? Are there any "special issues" to be aware of before getting one?

  • Short vs. long-term costs: Heat pump water heaters cost more than conventional water heaters in the short run. However, the efficiency gains help offset the upfront costs over the long term.
  • Location: Heat pump water heaters work best in conditioned or semi-conditioned spaces that already hold a fair amount of heat. In winter, they may run more efficiently inside a utility closet or garage than a vented crawlspace.
  • Size and space: A heat pump water heater may be taller than the conventional unit you're replacing. You'll need to be sure it's installed in an area with sufficient clearance.
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Atlanta heat pump water heater replacement... and more

Sure, we can replace your current water heater with an efficient heat pump unit. But heat pump water heater installation isn't all we're about around here. With PV, you also get:

  • Honest, reliable consulting: Is a heat pump water heater really the best choice for your home? It might be, but let's be sure to consider all your options! We'll help you select the best product for your home, your water heating needs, and your wallet.
  • Variety: Heat pump water heaters are excellent, but efficiency might not be the only factor that matters to you. We'll show you a variety of solutions so you can choose the most sensible one.
  • Quality installation: We do things right. When you choose PV, you're getting Atlanta's best water heater installation. We even audit our installations, so we know for sure that every "t" was crossed and every "i" has a dot.

Speaking of high quality heat pump water heater installations…

Atlanta heat pump water heater replacement... and more

Why choose PV to install a hybrid water heater?

We're HVAC experts, which is a huge asset when it comes to water heaters. Our team deals with heat pumps every day and understands the designs and components that drive these systems.

That's right. You should choose us because we're not a plumbing company.

When it comes to water heater replacement, "call the plumber" may be your first thought. Plumbers are great at what they do: pipe fitting and clog removal. But installing a water heater is a whole other beast. In the case of heat pump water heaters, an enormous amount of electrical expertise is needed to do the job right. We've got that in spades.

We also work hard to help you get the right water heater type in the right capacity for your home, heat pump or otherwise.

Why choose PV to install a hybrid water heater?

Got problems with an existing hybrid unit? You might not need heat pump water heater replacement.

Not yet, anyway. At PV, we provide heat pump water heater repair service in addition to new installations.

In many cases, a problem with a heat pump water heater doesn't mean it's time to replace the unit! Our experienced team will visit your home, analyze your water heater, and determine whether a repair is feasible.

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Got problems with an existing hybrid unit? You might not need heat pump water heater replacement.

Heat pump water heaters are way efficient. Upgrade (and lower) your water bill today!

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