Everyone who has a whole-house dehumidifier loves it. In Atlanta, these handy machines make us so much more comfortable during the warmer months.

    Except when they’re not working right. And dehumidifiers may require repair from time to time.

    At PV Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we can diagnose your whole-house dehumidifier problem and point you to the best, most sensible solution. That way, you can reclaim your comfort (and your dry air) from the sweltering tyranny!

    Whole-House Dehumidifier Repair

    Here’s when you may need an Atlanta dehumidifier repair service

    Your whole-house dehumidifier might be acting up if you experience any of the following problems:
    • Not dehumidifying: The dehumidifier is running, but it isn’t removing moisture from the air.
    • Increasing humidity, not decreasing it: This could indicate that your whole-house dehumidifier was not installed as well as it could have been.
    • Won’t turn on: Humidity is increasing, but the dehumidifier is unresponsive.
    • The unit shuts off: Your dehumidifier was running, but it shut off all of a sudden. Now it won’t start up again.
    • Water overflow or leaks: The water is overflowing from the unit itself or your condensate pump.
    • Dehumidifier Noise: Your whole-house dehumidifier wasn’t audible, but now you can hear or feel it running through your floor (crawlspace installation) or ceiling (attic installation).
    The following problems are common among whole-house dehumidifiers. Many can be addressed without replacing the unit:
    • Bad control board (PCB)
    • Clogged drain line that trips the unit’s float switch
    • Improper refrigerant charge
    • Refrigerant leaking from the coil
    • Dirty air filter
    • Fan motor issues
    • Bad capacitor
    • Inaccurate humidistat
    • Inadequate installation or ductwork connections
    • Design or installation that creates excessive noise or vibration

    Whole-house dehumidifier problems don’t always require repair. Sometimes, they need to be reinstalled.

    Most HVAC companies install whole-house dehumidifiers using the “return-to-return” method. The dehumidifier brings in air through your return ductwork, removes moisture, and sends the dry air back into the return. Sometimes, this works. But not always.

    In many cases, this method forces more humidity into your home, not less.

    That’s because it’s blowing air over your AC’s wet evaporator coil. When your dehumidifier can’t keep up, we may be able to reinstall the unit using this method.

    That way, you can solve your dehumidifier issue without having to repair the unit.

    But when your whole-house dehumidifier won’t run at all…

    Then it probably will require repair.

    Many dehumidifier problems can be resolved by replacing the control board, unclogging the unit’s drain line, or recharging the refrigerant. Other issues, such as a refrigerant leak, may be more challenging to resolve.

    When our team visits your home to analyze your dehumidifier, we run troubleshoot every conceivable issue to determine the exact source of the problem.

    But when your whole-house dehumidifier won't run at all...

    At PV Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we’re whole-house dehumidifier experts.

    After countless installations and all manner of dehumidifier troubleshooting, we’ve seen it all. Our team knows exactly what to look for when your whole-house dehumidifier is acting up.

    Here’s something we do that very few HVAC contractors around Atlanta think of determining the best dehumidifier installation method for your home.

    Typical whole-house dehumidifier installations often result in sub-par performance. The problem isn’t the dehumidifier – it’s the way it was installed.

    When we arrive to diagnose your dehumidifier issue, we’ll also take a close look at how the unit was installed in the first place. If we think it can be done better – and your home can accommodate a more adequate installation – we’ll let you know.

    That way, you’re not stuck with the same nagging dehumidifier issues year after year.

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