Much like your HVAC system, ERVs need ongoing maintenance to continue operating at the highest level. And if your ERV isn’t working right, it might need a repair.

    At PV, our team can diagnose ERV problems and apply the best fix. That way, you keep on breathing fresh, clean air inside your home

    Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) Maintenance & Repair

    What are the most common ERV problems?

    When an ERV isn’t working properly, these issues are the most common culprits:
    • Dirty interior core: Over time, dust, dirt, and microbial growth can build up inside the ERV’s heat exchanger and internal components.
    • Dirty filter: The ERV filter needs to be replaced according to the manufacturer’s instructions; when it isn’t, the system may not work properly.
    • Mechanical failure: Like all devices with a motor, parts can wear out and stop working properly – or at all.
    • Poor installation: Sub-per ERV installations are very common. Problems range from bad duct designs, backward installations, no fresh air controls, and dampers that won’t open. We’ve seen it all!
    So, how do we address those issues? By applying the following fixes:
    • When the interior core is dirty, we clean it. A technician opens the ERV and cleans the internal components per manufacturer specifications.
    • If you need to replace the ERV filter, we show you what kind of filter to use, where to buy it, and how to replace it yourself.
    • Has a part gone bad? We can usually identify the failed component, order a new one, and install it for you.
    • If your ERV isn’t working right because it wasn’t installed properly, our team will analyze your home to determine the best possible installation method for your ERV.

    ERV problems don’t always require repair.

    A dirty interior core or dirty air filter can impact your ERV’s ability to provide fresh air – and not in a good way. The ERV may struggle to move the right amount of air, and it won’t filter it properly.

    Good news: A ERV cleaning may be all you need.

    If your ERV isn’t working properly, get in touch with us! Our team will peak “under the hood” to see whether it’s time to clean your ERV. If it is, we’ll follow manufacture guidelines to properly clean the unit.

    ERV problems don't always require repair.

    What components might fail on an ERV?

    Like any mechanical device, your ERV contains parts with a limited lifespan. These include:
    • Fan motor
    • Bearings
    • Controller
    • Mechanical damper
    • Weather hoods and screens

    If your ERV isn’t working properly, any of these components could be on the fritz. We’ll take a close look and determine which part – if any – needs to be replaced.

    Why you should call PV for ERV repair

    Not to brag, but our team probably devotes more time and sweat to indoor air quality improvements than any other Atlanta HVAC company.

    The way we see it, indoor air quality is key to indoor comfort. Proper ERV operation isn’t just a “nice-to-have” thing. It’s essential.

    We’ve been installing fresh air ventilation systems since the beginning, all the while ensuring proper system design in conjunction with existing HVAC equipment. When you call us, you’re calling ERV experts who know exactly what to look for.

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