Breathe cleaner with Atlanta’s best ERV system installation

    Why install an ERV? Because you enjoy fresher, healthier indoor air all year round. That’s why!

    At PV Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, our team analyzes your home and your HVAC system to help you select the right product. Then we deliver Atlanta’s highest quality, fully audited ERV installation.

    Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) Installation

    Here’s how an ERV system helps you and your family

    In newer, airtight homes or older homes with structural energy efficiency upgrades, an ERV provides the following benefits:
    • Constant low-level ventilation since the home is too tight to ventilate on its own
    • Removal of airborne contaminants, like VOCs, that accumulate inside your home
    • Better management of odors, humidity, and allergens
    • Compliance with ventilation-specific building codes
    For older, draftier, and “leakier” homes, an ERV can still improve air quality all year round! Here’s how:
    • Trading infiltration of unfiltered, dirty air for ventilation with filtered, cleaner air
    • Reducing humidity from the air used for ventilation
    • Control over ventilation – you’re not stuck with your home’s “natural” infiltration
    • Lower cost compared to positive pressure systems that use your blower fan

    How does a residential ERV work, anyway?

    An ERV provides what we call “balanced” ventilation. That means it removes the same amount of air from your home that it introduces – and at the same time.

    The process works like this:
    1. Stale, contaminated, “older” air is removed from your home.
    2. Fresh, filtered air is introduced to your home at the same time.
    3. The ERV’s interior core exchanges heat from the warmer air stream to the cooler air stream, which works to your advantage in both summer and winter.
    4. A thin membrane inside the ERV also exchanges moisture from one air stream to another, so the air you use for ventilation helps you maintain comfortable humidity levels (lower in summer, higher in winter).
    5. The ERV minimizes energy loss during the ventilation process due to the temperature and humidity processes that occur inside the system.
    6. The result? Fresher air. Better temperature management. Greater control over humidity from the incoming air.

    Should you choose an energy recovery ventilator installation or something else?

    Great question! An ERV isn’t your only option for mechanical ventilation.

    In our hot, humid climate, you can also ventilate with a positive pressure system, such as a ventilating dehumidifier.

    Those systems work for many homes, but an ERV system offers additional benefits:
    • More control over the amount of air you use for ventilation
    • Better balance between air exhausted and air introduced
    • Lower energy consumption compared to systems that use your HVAC system’s fan to move air
    • Consistent ventilation that isn’t subject to your home’s heating, cooling, and dehumidification needs

    Should you choose an energy recovery ventilator installation or something else?

    Why choose PV Heating, Cooling & Plumbing for your ERV installation?

    Here’s what you get when you call us to install your new ERV:
    1. Total honesty about whether you need an ERV, a different ventilation system, or nothing at all. There is no one-size-fits-all for ventilation!
    2. Rigorous analysis to determine the right size, design, and type of installation required for your ERV
    3. Quality design for every ERV-HVAC integration or independent ERV system installation – we make sure the installation suits your home and, when required, works with your HVAC system.
    4. Fully audited ERV installation with thorough testing to ensure dependable, long-lasting performance
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