Indoor Air Quality Services

Indoor Air Quality Services

How healthy is the air inside your home?

In most homes, it's not so great.

Pollen, pet dander, product off-gassing, high humidity that invites dust mites and microbes… There's no end to the contaminants that may be cycling through your air - and your lungs.

Our team knows how to improve indoor air quality (IAQ)

From air sealing to ventilation systems to ductwork improvements, we've got you covered for all things IAQ. Contact us to create an air quality action plan!

IAQ services built for your unique needs and your unique home

When we visit your home, we'll listen to your specific concerns. We can also complete a blower door test and perform a thermal imaging analysis. Afterward, we show you how to address the IAQ problems we uncover. Solutions might include the installation of an:

  • Air Cleaning System: From media filters to complete HEPA air filtration systems, we'll help you choose an option that meets your needs and budget.
  • Dehumidifier: Whole-house dehumidifiers keep moisture levels low, preventing microbial growth and reducing dust mite populations.
  • UV Light: Got mold on your indoor coil? UV light systems prevent those contaminants from growing and help clean the air passing through your HVAC system.
  • Fresh Air System: Ventilation dampers with filtration dilute and remove VOCs, pet odors, cooking smoke, and other harmful substances.
  • Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV): Balanced ventilation from an ERV ensures consistent air changes to keep your indoor air clean.

At PV, we provide a suite of services that improve indoor air quality. They include:

  • Air sealing: Stop unwanted air infiltration! Sealing air leaks around your home keeps conditioned air in and hot (or cold) air out. It can also help you maintain comfortable humidity levels at all times of year.
  • Duct Cleaning: Ductwork often harbors mold, dirt, and debris. Our duct cleaning service rids your ducts of these contaminants so that nothing harmful enters your home when the HVAC system turns on.
  • Duct sealing: Prevent unwanted air from your attic or crawlspace from entering your living space

FACT: We spend most of our lives indoors. IAQ is a big deal.

But here's the thing: It's a rare kind of HVAC company that really gets indoor air quality.

For us, indoor comfort doesn't end with heating and cooling your home. Comfort means humidity control, fresh air ventilation, and effective filtration.

Getting these things right affects your health - especially in today's high performing, energy efficient homes.

Every home needs clean air, but keeping air clean in newer, "tighter" homes is tricky. That's why we perform several tests to get to the root of any IAQ problem. It's important to get IAQ right, no matter how complex - or simple - the solution.

FACT: We spend most of our lives indoors. IAQ is a big deal.

Why make PV your indoor air quality company?

Here are 6 good reasons:

  1. We perform rigorous analysis to determine which IAQ improvements will have the most impact.
  2. Our team is in this to help you be more comfortable - not sell you a service or piece of equipment. We actually hope your air is clean enough to not need any new equipment!
  3. As certified Building Performance Institute (BPI) home performance professionals, we've received in-depth training on how to help you breathe cleaner air indoors.
  4. At PV, we consider air quality in the context of your HVAC needs. That way, you can optimize air quality with no impact (or a positive impact) on HVAC performance.
  5. Many indoor air quality problems are really HVAC problems. From dirty, unsealed ducts to AC sizing issues, our team knows how to identify and address the underlying issues that impact IAQ
  6. We test, balance, and audit every fresh air system installation. That way, we ensure that everything we install actually works the way it's supposed to. Every. Single. Time.
Why make PV your indoor air quality company?

Our team improves air quality all over Metro Atlanta

Service areas include (but definitely aren't limited to) all of these cities:

Too hot? Too cold? In this city, it’s always one or the other… until you contact PV.

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