It’s possible to have too much HVAC. Strange, but true.

There’s a proper tonnage (air conditioning) and BTU (heating) size for every home. You want a system that’s the proper size.

When the system is too big, you experience:

  • Poor humidity control. All that extra tonnage cools your house down quickly. AC cycles are short, and that’s not good. Short cooling cycles don’t remove enough humidity from your home. The thermostat might read 75 degrees, but you’ll still feel hot.
  • Heat blast. In winter, an oversized furnace satisfies your thermostat quickly. Your home will have lots of hot spots and cold spots, and the hot spots will be really hot. If your bed is under a vent, you’ll think you were sleeping inside a volcano.

Why does this happen? The short answer is that most HVAC contractors don’t perform a Manual J load calculation before installing equipment.

A proper load calculation shows us the correct equipment size for your home. At PV Heating & Air, we always perform a Manual J load calculation before installing new equipment.

Proper equipment sizing combined with a thorough, fully audited installation results in the most effective, highest-performing HVAC system you could ask for.

That’s how we do things at PV Heating & Air.

If your HVAC system is underperforming, contact us today to discuss your options for improving comfort!

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