Healthy Home Survey

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Which Symptoms Does Your Home Have?

I'm uncomfortable overall

I have rooms that are too hot or too cold

I'm worried about my indoor air quality

My family has sneezing, runny nose, coughing, or asthma issues

I think I have mold or excessive dust

My skin feels sticky in the summer

The air is thick/muggy in my home

I get dry or itchy skin in the winter

I get bloody noses or have trouble breathing in the winter

I touch the dog/doorknob and get shocked in the winter

I'm not happy with my existing thermostat

I want to control my system from my phone

I don't keep up with regular maintenance

Future energy costs are a concern to me

I'm concerned my system isn't efficient enough

I have safety concerns with carbon monoxide, unhealthy gases, etc.

My equipment is too loud

I need a repair

I want a quote on a new comfort system

I need a system tune up

I think I want a whole home assessment and energy audit

I just want someone to call me

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