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Float Switch? We Prefer a Wet Switch in the Drain Pan

A Failed Float Switch Means a Wet Ceiling

If you’ve ever examined your HVAC system during the summer, you’ve noticed that the air conditioner produces a lot of water. Ok, it doesn’t technically produce water. It removes humidity from the air, which becomes condensation (water). A PVC pipe…

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What’s on Your Fall Season HVAC To-Do List?

Fall leaves on roof

The days are getting milder around Atlanta. With highs in the mid-70s, air conditioners are running fewer cycles. Pretty soon – and it always happens before you realize it – you’ll be changing the setting on your thermostat to “heat.”…

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This is Why Your Air Conditioner Freezes Up

Frozen Air Conditioner in Summer

So it’s 93 degrees outside and your air conditioner froze up. There is literally ice on the outdoor unit, even in this incredible heat. Amazing, right? Amazing… and bad. Really bad. There are several reasons why your outdoor AC components…

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What’s That 6″ Plenum For?

6-Inch Plenum Below Furnace

Ever seen a gas furnace with a return plenum on the side and the bottom? Many people haven’t because most HVAC installers don’t bother with the bottom plenum. But if you have seen one, it’s usually a sign of a…

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Is Your HVAC System Too Big?

Oversized HVAC System

After ten years of exploring Atlanta’s residential HVAC scene, we’ve seen just about every problem you can imagine. Big problems, small problems, unusual problems, trivial problems, expensive problems… You name it, we’ve seen it. And oversized systems are among the…

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What’s the Best Air Filter for Your Home?

Change Air Filter

For many homeowners, selecting and installing an air filter is a DIY exercise. We think that’s fine. After all, changing your air filter is a pretty easy thing to do. But there’s a lot of controversy about air filters these…

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Which Trane Air Conditioner is Right for You?

Trane Logo With Air Conditioner

Replacing an air conditioner might seem like a daunting decision, but it doesn’t have to be. As long as you’re aware of what’s out there, product-wise, and you insist on a quality installation, you’ll be in a good position to…

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Noisy Air Ducts? Here’s How to Make Them Quieter

Woman Hearing Noisy Air Ducts

  Imagine it’s a quiet afternoon and you’ve got the house to yourself. You slump down into the sofa. You’re going to put on some tunes – something mellow – and relax. Maybe you’ll finally open that new book you’ve…

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The HVAC Installation Audit: Here’s Why It’s Essential

HVAC Installation Audit Checklist

Do you remember the last time you hired a contractor to install a new heating and air conditioning system? If it was a typical installation, some technicians came to your house. Then they installed some equipment and left. “Call us…

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Which HVAC Brand is the Best?

HVAC Brand Logos

Except for a few minor details, there’s little difference among top HVAC brands. As long as you’re choosing a top brand – and by “top,” we generally mean one you’ve heard of – brand doesn’t matter very much at all…

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