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Why an ERV is the Best Way to Ventilate

Broan ERV

Ventilating your home is smart. By replacing dirty or stale air with fresh, healthy air, you can keep your head clear and breathe a whole lot easier. And by “ventilating,” we’re not talking about opening windows or using a bath fan….

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Ventilation Systems Aren’t Just for “Tight” Homes

Happy couple breathing ventilated air

High performance homes typically need mechanical ventilation. Most people in the green building and home performance industries would agree with that statement. After all, modern, energy efficient homes are very airtight compared to yesterday’s construction. Without ventilation equipment, most experts…

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Want a Whole-House Humidifier? Choose Wisely

Aprilaire 800 steam humidifier

If you’ve been battling dry skin, a scratchy throat, or a nagging wintertime cough, you know what you’re missing in your life: humidity. Here in the Atlanta area, humidity levels tend to stay at one extreme or the other. For…

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Feeling Cold This Winter? Your Attic Might Be to Blame

Loose Fill Attic Insulation

The furnace is running. The thermostat is set to 71. There’s hot air coming out of your supply vents. Your house ought to be toasty warm, and yet… You’re cold. Really cold. And it’s been like this all winter long….

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Considering a UV Light for Indoor Air Quality? These Are Your Options.

Honeywell UV Light

Everyone wants to breathe clean air, but the meaning of “clean” differs from person to person. For example, not everyone is sensitive to mold, bacteria, or other indoor allergens. On the other hand, many people are super sensitive to those…

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Ready to Join a Dynamic HVAC Team? PV’s Hiring.

It’s a new year, and we’re looking for new hires! If you live in the Atlanta area and want to advance your HVAC or home performance career, it’d be tough to find a more exciting, positive environment than PV Heating…

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Is Your 80% Furnace Really 80% Efficient?

Person Opening Furnace

If it plugs in, burns fuel, or consumes batteries, efficiency matters. And when you’re talking about a major appliance or machine – think furnaces, water heaters, or refrigerators – efficiency can have a serious impact on your wallet. Take cars….

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A Tale of Two Chimneys (and Furnace Exhaust)

Chimney on House

Around Atlanta, we encounter many older homes where furnaces vent combustion gases into chimneys. In theory, this is ok. Furnace exhaust is hotter than the surrounding air. Once inside the chimney, noxious fumes, including carbon monoxide (CO), rise to the…

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Indoor Air Quality vs. Your Garage Habits

Car Inside Garage

Do you have an attached garage? I do. It’s convenient for storing tools, bicycles, and holiday decorations. Oh, and my car. That, too. Unfortunately, attached garages are also a source of indoor air quality problems. Cars live in them, which…

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Does Your Carbon Monoxide Detector Really Protect You?

Installing a Carbon Monoxide Detector

Colder weather means increased natural gas consumption. That’s probably not surprising. Well, what if we told you that colder weather also meant increased risks to health and safety? No, we’re not talking about fire hazards from candles and holiday lights…

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