Why Your AC Might Quit Working This Summer

Why Your AC Might Quit Working This Summer

Summer is just about here! Around Atlanta, that means one thing...

Air conditioning. And lots of it. Ok, maybe it also means shorts, flip flops, and afternoons at the pool. We'll give you that. But when you've got to stay indoors, you don't want to be hot. You want to be comfortable.

Basically, you need your AC to work. If you wake up one day and it doesn't, it's probably due to 1 of these 10 reasons:

  1. Dead thermostat batteries: Sometimes, all it takes is changing out a few AAAs. Seriously!
  2. Indoor disconnect switch is off: Maybe it got bumped or something. Anyway, just flip it to the "on" position, and you're good.
  3. Outdoor disconnect switch is off: Same problem, different location. Set it to "on" and cool off.
  4. Tripped circuit breaker: All kinds of things can cause a breaker to trip. Reset it. If it trips again, it's time to call an HVAC pro.
  5. Blown fuse: There's no other option besides replacing it, and you'll probably want professional assistance to do it.
  6. Blown transformer: Different from a blown fuse, but with the same outcome. Wiring issues or bad contactors in your outdoor unit can cause this to happen.
  7. Bad starting components: The capacitors in your outdoor unit eventually fail. When they do, you'll need to call an HVAC pro to replace them.
  8. Dirty indoor or outdoor coil: These should be cleaned on a regular basis. Otherwise, they prevent the system from effectively removing heat from your home.
  9. Dirty air filter: Are you changing yours on a regular basis? If not, it could be freezing up the system and preventing it from working properly.
  10. Damaged components: Maybe a landscaper busted your refrigerent line, or maybe you pulled a wire by mistake. Anything is possible.

The best solution? Have your AC inspected on a regular basis!

Most of these problems are preventable. Regular inspections and tuneups can keep most of them from happening – and we always check every single common point of failure when we service your system each summer.

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