Ventilation Services

Breathe easier with smarter ventilation

Some air is fit to breathe, but not all of it! Long story short: You want to bring healthy air in and push unhealthy air out. That’s the essence of ventilation.

From indoor air quality upgrades to bath and kitchen fans, PV designs and installs effective ventilation systems.

Breathe easier with smarter ventilation

Here's a rundown of our home ventilation services

Removing moisture, odors, and combustion gases makes your home comfortable and safe. But you can’t just install any equipment in any room and expect it to work. That’s why PV designs and installs:

  • Bathroom fans and kitchen hoods that are properly sized for your space
  • Exhaust air and make-up air systems for gas appliances that virtually eliminate the possibility of carbon monoxide leaks
  • Ventilation for clothes dryers using hard pipe ductwork, not the flex stuff
  • Chimney liners that comply with modern ventilation codes

Getting clean air into your home is just as important as pushing stale, dirty air out. We take indoor air quality (IAQ) seriously – it’s an essential part of a healthy living space! To that end, we help you select and install:

  • Fresh air systems for advanced air filtration and purification
  • Dehumidifiers with fresh air ventilation controls
  • Energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) for balanced ventilation in high performance construction
  • Custom ventilation systems to maintain a proper pressure balance throughout your home
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    Anasa J.

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Right ventilation type. Right ventilation size. That's how PV rolls.

Different homes have vastly different ventilation needs. Figuring out how much ventilation your home needs – and what kind – requires time, expertise, and a lot of measurements.

Blower door tests, room-by-room pressure readings, air quality inspections... We go through these steps because they make a difference.

How much air? How should we bring it in? Which rooms need it most? What’s the CFM on that fan? At PV, we always ask these questions. Why? Because the answers show us how to keep your air clean and comfortable.

Right ventilation type. Right ventilation size. That's how PV rolls.
Right ventilation type. Right ventilation size. That's how PV rolls.

Take a deep breath. Hold it! Now breathe out. Feel good? It’ll feel even better with clean, properly balanced air. That’s what ventilation is all about.

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