The Secret to Springtime Comfort

The Secret to Springtime Comfort

Spring is a tricky time of year for heating and air conditioning. On one hand, you might not have to run the heat or AC at all – great news!

On the other hand, humidity is on the uptick. So is the pollen count.


Reduce and remove humidity. Then circulate clean air.

The first step is to reduce indoor humidity by sealing off points of entry. Sealing air leaks keeps a lot of that humid air from ever entering your home.

This step alone might solve the problem!

The next step – if you need it – is removing the excess humidity, but how? Your air conditioner helps in the summer, but you might not be running it in the spring.

The solution is to install a whole-house dehumidifier to keep humidity at a comfortable level, even when your AC isn’t running at all.

Most whole-house dehumidifiers also circulate fresh air from the outdoors, filtering out pollutants and removing moisture. All the air you breathe can be clean and healthy!

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