The Best Way to Keep Cool This Summer

The Best Way to Keep Cool This Summer

Around here, we’re 110% committed to the whole home approach to comfort. We know it works because we’ve seen it in action. Many times. 

It's simply the best way to stay comfortable indoors. Hands down.

So, what is the whole home approach? The short answer is that it's the way we think about HVAC and home performance at PV. Instead of just installing a new version of the HVAC system you've already got, we consider all of the attributes of your home and how they impact comfort. Then we make specific suggestions based on your situation.

Ok, now for the long answer.

The whole home approach involves three different elements.

  1. The envelope, which refers to the thermal and air barrier surrounding your living space
  2. Ductwork, which helps circulate air throughout your home
  3. HVAC systems, which heat and cool your home, depending on the time of year

Most HVAC contractors only consider #3 and maybe #2. We consider all of them.

Why? Because your home's envelope is essential for keeping cool air indoors during the summer (and out during the winter). The weaker the envelope, the harder your HVAC system needs to work. On the other hand, higher insulation values, sealed attics, and encapsulated crawlspaces improve the quality of the envelope and help your home "hold" conditioned air.

Ductwork moves indoor air around, and that's important, too. If your ducts are leaky, poorly insulated, or improperly sized, you'll have a hard time moving comfortable, conditioned air to the places that need it.

And HVAC systems? They'd better be the right size! Around Atlanta, many people have HVAC systems that are too big for their homes. During the summer, these systems cool the house really quickly. That might sound nice, but cooling your home fast leaves no time for the AC to remove humidity.

The result? You're still not comfortable.

That's why it makes more sense to consider the whole home when it comes to HVAC.

At PV, the whole home approach is our MO. We always rely on it when we perform HVAC or home performance assessments.

If you're ready to learn how the whole home approach can help you stay comfortable this summer, contact PV today!