Is Your Furnace Ready for Fall and Winter?

Is Your Furnace Ready for Fall and Winter?

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At PV, our residential HVAC inspections go beyond the typical "is your heater working" issues. We cover:

  1. Safety: Is your furnace operating safely, or does it leak carbon monoxide (CO) into your living space? In addition to CO, we make sure there aren’t any gas leaks.
  2. Efficiency: We check whether the system operates at optimal efficiency and determine whether aging components are slowing it down.
  3. Operation: Does your furnace heat your home the way it should? From uneven heating among rooms to over or under-heating your living space, it’s important to confirm whether your heater operates properly.

When you opt for a service agreement with PV, we inspect your equipment every fall and spring. We also throw in all the air filters you need throughout the year.

The best part? You get the peace of mind that your HVAC system is tip-top shape.

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