Improve Your Comfort This Summer (And Every Summer)

Improve Your Comfort This Summer (And Every Summer)

If you're setting your thermostat to the low 70s just to stay cool, you might have a comfort problem.

Inefficient air conditioning, air leaks, substandard insulation – all of these factors have an impact on indoor comfort. But instead of requesting a quote for new AC equipment, consider a home energy assessment instead.

That way, you’ll discover exactly why your home has a comfort problem and prioritize the most effective changes.

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Most people prefer temperatures in “the 70s.”

Ask almost anyone what a comfortable outdoor temperature is, and “the 70s” is a typical response.

When it’s really humid, the low 70s are preferable. When the air is drier, the high 70s feel especially nice.

Air conditioners lower indoor temperatures and dry out the air. They let us enjoy temps in the high 70s, even when it’s 85 outside with 90% relative humidity.

But if so many people think the high 70s are comfortable…

...why do we set our thermostats to the low 70s – or even the high 60s – in an effort to stay cool? Since air conditioners dry out the air, shouldn’t you be able to stay comfortable at 76, 77, or 78 degrees?

In theory, yes. But in many Atlanta-area homes we service:

  • Air conditioners are oversized and don’t dehumidify indoor air very well.
  • Insulation isn’t sufficient to keep the heat out.
  • Air leaks allow hot, humid air into the living space.
  • Leaky ducts fail to deliver cool air where it’s needed most

A home energy assessment shows you what’s wrong.

Are some of these problems making it hard for you to stay comfortable? PV’s home energy assessment shows you exactly what’s going on. Our home energy assessments include:

  • Blower door testing
  • Duct leakage testing
  • Combustion safety testing
  • Thermal testing with an infrared camera
  • Building airflow testing
  • A comprehensive report with an analysis and list of action items

If you’re ready to improve comfort this summer – and all year round – PV’s home energy assessment can help you make the best choices for your home.

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