HVAC Service Agreements

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Top-to-bottom AC and heating inspections

Keep your HVAC equipment in working order, all year round! PV’s service agreements include two inspections per year.

The price? Just $168/year for one system and $96 for each additional system!

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PV's fully loaded HVAC system inspections

AC inspections ensure your equipment keeps you cool all through spring and summer. Forget about AC parts going kaput in the middle of July! PV’s spring cooling inspection and tune-up includes:

  • Outdoor coil cleaning, drain line flushing, condensate pump cleaning, operational tests for all component
  • Integrity tests for the compressor, capacitors, contactors, fans, motors, limit and safety controls
  • Refrigerant charge testing and line inspection
  • Temperature drop testing and airflow adjustments
  • Static pressure testing – it’s like giving your system an annual physical (and showing you how to make it work better)

Feel a chill in the air? Time to prepare your furnace for winter! When we visit your home in the fall, we perform a complete inspection and tune-up of heating system components, including:

  • Pilot light testing, gas pressure measurements, flue pipe and draft diverter inspections
  • Inspection of your heat exchanger for cracks
  • Carbon monoxide testing
  • Testing for all capacitors, fan motors, blower and inducer motor amp draw, limit and safety controls
  • Cleaning of burners and blower assembly to optimize operational efficiency

You also get extras like a 15% parts discount, $0 service charges, and priority client status. Not your average service agreement, huh?


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Our service agreements are different.
Our service agreements are different.

Our service agreements are different. Really different.

And in an industry rife with flaky contractors and so-so results, being different is good. At PV, we go beyond just making sure your AC or furnace gets you through the season. You want fully operational equipment that keeps working for the long haul. That’s what we want, too.

We’re committed to comfortable homes, healthy indoor environments, and energy efficient HVAC systems.

It's why we care deeply about things most HVAC outfits don’t understand – things like indoor air quality, combustion safety, and energy savings. The bottom line? Our service agreements get you closer to the comfortable home you want.

All you have to do is tell us you’re ready.

PV’s heating and air conditioning inspections keep your HVAC system working like a well-oiled machine. Literally.

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