If you live in a high-rise condominium, you might be worried that local HVAC companies don’t understand how your heating and AC system works.

    Your concern is justified. Many companies have no experience with water source systems. At PV Heating & Air, we’ve got lots.

    Water Source Heat Pump (WSHP) Services

    Our experienced technicians know water source heat pump (who) systems inside and out. We’ll analyze your system to determine the best fix! And when you need a new unit, we deliver Atlanta’s highest quality water source heat pump installation.

    Why is PV Heating & Air the best choice for water source heat pump installation?

    When it comes to water source units, you need expertise. Most Atlanta HVAC companies do not know how to service these systems. We’re different because we:
    • Understand how your system interfaces with the water loop
    • Know how to determine the proper gallons per minute per ton
    • Can identify water line issues that may impact system performance
    • Inspect water lines for corrosion or leaks and replace them as part of the installation
    • Properly charge the lines with refrigerant (it’s different from charging refrigerant in conventional split systems!)
    • Perform every installation in a way that optimizes the water flow to and from the system
    Every water source heat pump installation includes the same benefits we offer with every new HVAC system installation, including:
    • Highly trained, experienced technicians who have installed systems like yours before
    • Ductwork inspection to evaluate the quality of your ducts and identify opportunities to improve HVAC performance (duct sealing or other modifications)
    • Infrastructure improvements, such as installing safety switches and sealing plenum boxes with mastic
    • Quality control audit following every installation; this audit ensures that you received a Grade A+ installation and that the system keeps you comfortable.

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    When do you need water source heat pump repair?

    Here are 5 common signs your system needs professional attention:
    • The system isn’t cooling in summer or isn’t heating in winter.
    • You’ve set your thermostat, but the unit isn’t running.
    • It takes a long time for the system to heat or cool your home.
    • You hear strange noises coming from the unit.
    • The system is producing an unpleasant smell.

    Here are 5 common signs your system needs professional attention:

    Get service for any water loop heat pump make, model, or type

    At PV Heating & Air, we can service or replace any type of water source heat pump, including:
    • Models by Carrier, Trane, Bosch, Water Furnace, Florida Heat Pump, and other brands
    • Systems of any size or with any kind of ductwork configuration
    • Single-zone or multi-zone systems
    • Standard (single-speed), two-speed, or variable speed models

    For water source heat pumps, PV Heating & Air gives you added value

    We’re far from your typical HVAC company, and that’s a good thing.

    Instead of subcontractors or inexperienced technicians, we only allow highly trained, experienced professionals who work for our company to perform your installation or repair.

    Instead of just swapping out parts, we analyze your system and suggest the best fixes to increase equipment longevity and ensure your long-term comfort.

    When it comes to the water source AC and heating systems in high-rise condos, we know what we’re doing.

    That’s big. Most Atlanta HVAC companies simply don’t know how to service these units. When you need expert attention for your water source heat pump, we’ve got you covered. No matter the issue.

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