Define Your Home Envelope

Define Your Home Envelope

In a healthy, efficient home, exterior surfaces form a fully integrated, airtight barrier.

By tightening your home’s “envelope,” or the continuous thermal, air, and moisture barrier around your living space, you can finally gain control over heating, cooling, safety, and comfort. Yes, defining your home envelope really is that powerful!

To understand your home envelope, think of a refrigerator with 50 holes in it. Until you plug those holes, it will take a substantial amount of energy to cool anything inside. Your home works the same way.

Without a properly defined home envelope, lots of air will enter and leave your home through leaks around doors, windows, wiring, lights, and ductwork. Even buying new HVAC equipment won’t make you more comfortable or save much money on your energy bills. And the unhealthy outdoor air entering your home can have a negative impact on indoor air quality.

If you or your family members suffer allergy or flu-like symptoms while indoors, an insufficient home envelope might be to blame.

At PV, we understand the connection between tightening your home envelope and protecting your investment in your home and your HVAC equipment – not to mention your health! Unlike most Atlanta-area heating and air companies, many of which are just “box changers,” we consider the holistic impact of your home envelope and offer services like:

Spray Foam Insulation

A fantastic insulation barrier, closed or open cell spray foam is also an outstanding air barrier. PV can spray foam rooflines, wall cavities, floor joists, and more to air seal and insulate your home! Spray foam is often the best solution when your heating and cooling system is in your attic – or if you’ve got a really leaky home.

Air Sealing

Cost-effective and powerful, air sealing reduces unwanted crawl space, attic or outdoor air from entering your home environment. After diagnosing where air is escaping, we seal everything tightly. Common air leakage prevention steps include sealing gaps around doors, windows, pipes, wiring penetrations, lights, and ductwork.

When it comes to air sealing, we also recommend using a controlled, deliberate method for bringing in fresh air and circulating it throughout your home.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl space encapsulation is the process of separating the crawl space area from your home environment or "building envelope.” In addition to creating healthier, more comfortable living conditions, encapsulating your crawl space increases the durability and lifespan of your floors, HVAC equipment, and other crawl space contents.

Encapsulation includes, but isn’t limited to, installing a vapor and thermal barrier, air sealing, dehumidifying, and spray foaming the crawl space.

The PV Heating and Air Difference

Our expert technicians know how to locate tough-to-find leaks, seal them up, and keep harmful air pollutants from entering your home. By air sealing your Atlanta, Georgia home, you’ll keep the desirable air in, and, more importantly, the less desirable air out!

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