Two Outdoor AC Units of Unequal Size
May 1

Not All 16 SEER2 Air Conditioners Are Created Equal

Ok. You’re holding two or three quotes from different HVAC companies. All are for air conditioners with a SEER2 of 16. Some quotes are higher… View Article Read More

Outdoor Heat Pump Units
April 19

Are Heat Pumps Better Than Furnaces?

Heat pumps really are the talk of the town these days. Depending on what you’ve read, you may have heard that they cool your home… View Article Read More

HVAC systems in Atlanta, GA
April 6

Not All Variable Speed HVAC Systems Are Created Equal

Around here, it’s no secret that we love variable speed ACs and furnaces. We extol them daily when customers ask about their best options for… View Article Read More

HVAC tips in Atlanta, GA
November 8

You’ve Heard of Manual J, But What About Manuals D, S, and T?

Proper HVAC design requires attention to detail. Everything from the sizes of outdoor and indoor units to the amount of bends in your ductwork has… View Article Read More

Load Calculations in Atlanta, GA
October 12

What Got Overlooked on Your Load Calculation?

This article is Part 4 of our series on Manual J load calculations for new HVAC installations. When you opt for a load calculation before… View Article Read More

HVAC tips in Atlanta, GA
October 12

Should You Close Your Air Supply Vents? Probably Not.

The supply vents in your home probably have dampers on them. But should you close them, even if only part of the way? In multi-story… View Article Read More

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October 12

Buying or Selling a Home? Get This HVAC Inspection First.

Whether you’re under contract to buy a house or you’re listing a property for sale, you want to be sure the home’s heating and air… View Article Read More

Financial tips in Atlanta, GA
October 12

Want More Bang for Your HVAC Buck? Seal Your Leaky Ducts

According to Energy Star, leaky ducts reduce heating and cooling efficiency by 20% in a typical home. That’s a huge waste of your hard-earned money,… View Article Read More

Mini-splits in Atlanta, GA
October 12

4 Maintenance Tips for Your Mini-Split Heat Pump

Chances are, you love your mini-split. Most people who get these systems rave about their efficiency, quietness, and convenience. Simply put, mini-splits usually work great…. View Article Read More

HVAC tips in Atlanta, GA
October 11

What’s on Your Fall Season HVAC To-Do List?

The days are getting milder around Atlanta. With highs in the mid-70s, air conditioners are running fewer cycles. Pretty soon – and it always happens… View Article Read More