Is Your 80% Furnace Really 80% Efficient?

Is Your 80% Furnace Really 80% Efficient?

So you've got a standard 80% furnace. That means that 80% of the gas it burns is ultimately used to heat your home. Right?

Well... yeah. But only when everything is perfect.

In many homes, conditions are far from perfect. All sorts of problems can prevent your furnace from operating at peak efficiency. And there's really just one way to solve them.

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These problems can make your furnace inefficient

1. Dirty burners

When the burners are dirty, the furnace can't burn as hot as it should. This makes it harder for the furnace to satisfy your thermostat setting.

2. Gas pressure

Is yours set right? Every furnace has specific requirements. Too much gas can make the furnace get too hot. It's kind of like putting the pedal to the metal when you're in a low gear.

3. Dirty air filter

When filters are dirty, they can restrict airflow, forcing the furnace to work harder and putting undue stress on all internal components.

4. Undersized return ductwork

Similar to a dirty air filter, undersized return ducts reduce airflow to the system. Since they're overworking your furnace, undersized returns can lead to premature furnace failure.

So... what should you do?

For starters, check your air filter! You should always replace or wash your air filter per the manufacturer's instructions. Aside from that, the only surefire way (pardon the pun!) to optimize furnace efficiency is to...

Have your furnace serviced and inspected each year.

It's really that simple. At PV, we can check for dirty burners and verify that the gas pressure is properly set for your furnace. If anything is amiss, we can address the problem to improve furnace efficiency and (hopefully!) your family's wintertime comfort.

We can also analyze your ducts to see if they're the proper size for your furnace and your home's heating needs... or not.

Let's make that 80% furnace deliver 80% efficiency.

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