Whole Home Energy Audit

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Let’s identify every issue that impacts energy efficiency and air quality inside your home. PV is the Building Performance Institute’s only Gold Star Contractor in Atlanta.

Whole Home Assessment & Energy Audit

Most heating and air contractors, knowingly or unknowingly, focus on selling products – not providing solutions for your unique home. Selecting heating and cooling equipment without an energy audit is like adding ice to a cooler without checking whether the cooler has holes in it.

Unfortunately, that’s how most HVAC contractors operate. But not PV.

PV's Whole Home Assessment & Energy Audit is a 4-step process that uses building science to create "whole home" comfort solutions. Our audits focus on four key areas:

  1. Healthy Air
  2. Safe Air
  3. Energy Efficiency
  4. Comfort

As a Top 5-ranked provider in Georgia Power’s Energy Improvement Program, you enjoy the added benefit of a Georgia Power follow-up audit. Depending on how much energy savings we achieve, you may receive a rebate from the utility company!

If you’re a Georgia Power customer, check out this brochure that explains everything you need to know about the program.

PV's 4-Step Whole Home Assessment and Energy Audit includes:

Step 1: Audit and Analysis

If you go to the doctor, the first step he or she takes is to take tests on your "whole body," regardless of your problems or issues. PV takes the same comprehensive testing approach with your home. A Building Performance Institute (BPI) specialist will conduct a 4-8 hour building science test to give us your home's “symptoms." The test includes but is not limited to:

Think of it as a doctor’s “whole body” checkup, but for your home. One of PV’s Building Performance Institute (BPI)-certified  specialists performs a 4 to 8-hour building science test to gauge your home’s “symptoms.” These tests include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Blower Door Testing: We use a blower door machine to measure how "tight" or "leaky" your home is and discover the location of leaks. We can then establish how many times per hour the air inside your home replaces itself.
  • Duct Leakage Testing: We use a duct testing machine to measure how "tight" or "leaky" your ductwork is.pvhvac_com-ducttest.jpg
  • Flow Hood Testing: We have the option to test the amount of airflow being distributed by your ductwork. The flow hood test is great for analyzing a problem area or calculating the total airflow (CFM) of a duct system.
  • Combustion, Gas, and Carbon Monoxide Safety Testing
  • Energy Audit: We perform an energy audit to identify points of energy waste and opportunities for energy upgrades. We estimate potential energy usage and savings.
  • Thermal Testing with Infrared Camera: Using a high quality infrared camera, we identify areas with poor insulation, air leakage, etc. to assist in the overall home assessment.
  • Building Airflow Standard Testing: We use results from the Blower Door Test to ensure you have the minimum amount of fresh air entering your living space. The best solution is to strive for a "tight building envelope" while bringing in controlled, conditioned fresh air.
  • Home Assessment Report: We create an extremely detailed report and analysis of our test results, including prioritized action items.

Step 2: Home Upgrade Recommedations

Using data from Step 1, we provide a 100% accurate building science-certified solution. We always discuss results with you and select the best upgrades together.

Step 3: Proceed with Upgrades

We proceed with the upgrades you choose!

Step 4: Test Out

After your job is complete, we’ll perform a follow-up audit and quality control analysis. Basically, we do go through the same motions we performed in Step 1 to gauge your home’s status, “post job.”

We do this to measure your air quality, safety, energy efficiency, and comfort gains and determine whether your home is eligible for Georgia Power rebates. After completing the steps above, you could be eligible for up to $950 in rebates!

Whole Home Consulting and Design

Blower Door TestPV’s Whole Home Assessment and Energy Audit is perfect for homeowners looking for “whole home” solutions. However, many customers have unique concerns or are looking for customized arrangements.

In these cases, PV provides a BPI-based consulting and design service on an hourly or “per job” basis. Consider these services when before building an addition or pursuing a major renovation. As always, we offer a free consultation to determine the best approach for you and your home!

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