Water Heaters

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Do you wait a long time for tap water to get hot? With an energy and water-efficient solution, you might not have to.

After HVAC equipment, water heaters typically consume more energy than any other appliance. Your water heater should always provide hot water when you need it most. Check out the wide variety of water heaters we offer at PV!

Conventional Gas and Electric Water Heaters

PV installs conventional tanked gas and electric water heaters. To optimize efficiency, we always ensure that the water heater is sized properly for your needs. We also follow all local installation codes, including the necessary thermal expansion tank.

If you need an electric unit, ask us about Marathon-brand water heaters. Marathon offers a lifetime warranty for their tanks – a fantastic value for homeowners!

Heat Pump Water Heaters

Looking for a more energy-efficient solution for heating your water? Consider a heat pump water heater. Besides lowering your monthly bill, heat pump water heaters also dehumidify the surrounding area. They’re a great choices if your water heater is in a basement or crawlspace.

Solar Water Heaters

Installed with solar panels on your home, a solar water heater uses energy from the sun to heat your water. If you’re ready to eliminate your monthly water heating costs and contribute to a healthy environment, solar is the answer!

Tankless Water heaters

A tankless system heats water on demand, providing unlimited hot water for your home. If your water heater is in a confined area or you want to free up space in a garage, basement, or crawlspace, a tankless water heater is a fantastic solution!

Tankless systems are also more efficient than conventional tanks because they don’t heat the same water over and over.

Pool Heaters

Keep your pool warm and comfortable year round! PV can install a new pool heater or service your existing unit.

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