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Bath and kitchen fans remove moisture, odors, and unwanted warm air from your home. They improve indoor air quality, too.

From bath fans and clothes dryers to gas appliances and chimney liners, PV specializes in ventilation for your Atlanta-area home.

After air combustion takes place, it’s essential to ventilate harmful gases to the outdoors. Otherwise, they backdraft into your home and create a health hazard. At PV, we ventilate everything to code using proper design techniques and up-to-date safety standards.

Bath Fans

The right bath fan will effectively remove moisture from your bathroom and prevent mold growth. PV will help you select the right bath fan. We’ll also install and ventilate it properly – often with hard pipe ducts!

We offer many styles of bath fans, including models that sense humidity and switch on automatically. Our fans provide a range of noise levels, some of which are so quiet you can barely tell they’re running!

There is no bath fan job PV cannot do.

Gas Appliance

Gas appliances emit carbon monoxide. Did you know that?

Carbon monoxide is an invisible, odorless gas that’s very dangerous in high concentrations. If left unchecked, your appliances could emit enough carbon monoxide to harm to your health. In addition to cleaning and maintaining your gas appliances, you need to ventilate them properly.

PV installs kitchen hoods to vent stoves, and we also offer ventilation solutions for conventional and tankless gas water heaters.

Clothes Dryers

Dryers require proper ventilation to avoid excessive lint accumulation – a very real fire hazard!

All too often, contractors settle for kinked, flexible ductwork that restricts dryer ventilation and contributes to lint accumulation. At PV, we install dryer vents to code and often use hard pipe ductwork, drastically reducing the likelihood of lint buildup inside your ducts.

Ours is a long-lasting solution, not a “patch work” job that cuts corners and leaves you with the same problem you started with.

Chimney Liners

Many Atlanta-area homes have furnaces and water heaters that vent into old chimneys. Since the clay liner in these chimneys is compromised over time, a new liner is often necessary to bring your ventilation to code.

We install chimney liners that enable proper furnace and water heater ventilation, eliminating carbon monoxide backdraft into your living space.

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