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Make your home healthy and efficient with an integrated, airtight barrier.

Better Insulation = Greater Comfort and Savings

Effectively insulating your home is the first step towards controlling indoor comfort. And when it comes to insulating metro-Atlanta homes, PV Heating and Air understands exactly what you need.

Heating and cooling systems do great work, but you still need proper insulation. Otherwise, too much air can flow in and out of your home. Insulation might be hidden in your walls, but it works year-round to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

When PV installs your insulation, we do it the right way. Optimizing your insulation is often the most cost-efficient solution for reducing your heating and cooling costs!

Define Your Home Envelope

Tightening the “envelope” around your home can dramatically improve indoor comfort while lowering your energy bill.

To understand the concept of a home envelope, imagine a refrigerator with 50 holes in it. If you wanted to keep the contents cool, you’d have to plug those holes! Your home, believe it or not, works the same way.

When we talk about “defining” your home envelope, we’re talking about the act of plugging leaks in the continuous thermal, air, and moisture barrier between your home and the outdoors. When you’ve got a lot of leaks, a lot of air enters and leaves your home. Temperatures are inconsistent from room to room, and you’re rarely as comfortable as you’d like to be.

Unfortunately, this scenario is the norm at most Atlanta-area homes we service. And when your home is leaky, your HVAC system has to run more often and work harder.

Leaky homes also suffer from compromised indoor air quality. You or your family might be battling constant allergy or flu-like symptoms, all because of contaminated, unhealthy air!

Luckily, PV isn’t your typical “box changer” Atlanta HVAC company. We consider the whole-house impact of your home envelope. In addition to helping us select the most appropriate ductwork and HVAC equipment for your home, this approach helps us assess your need for:

Blown-In Insulation

In addition to an air barrier, your home’s building envelope consists of an insulation barrier. One way to improve that barrier is to air seal all pipe and cable penetrations and install blown-in fiberglass or cellulose insulation.

Spray Foam Insulation

A fantastic insulation barrier, closed or open cell spray foam is also an outstanding air barrier. PV can spray foam rooflines, wall cavities, floor joists, and more to air seal and insulate your home! Spray foam is often the best solution when your heating and cooling system is in your attic – or if you’ve got a really leaky home.

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